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  1. Aww thats a shame. But in better news: the boosters have been handed out!
  2. See, I would understand your post 110% if you posted it last week, but with the changes now coming up, and the communication that came with these changes, im curious what you expect the devs today right now. You said you appreciated my patience, but to be honest I felt the exact same as you did last week. But for me, the post and new open positions that happened in between, gave me returned faith in the project. Can you explain to me why this is not the case for you? I know you are frustrated, after a dead game gets resurrected, you dont want to see it die again. But we should give
  3. Are you aware Energy Parasite and Enforcer are used A LOT in their PvP Decks? Those changes would have huge impact on PvP
  4. Im a bit confused about what we are now discussing. I get the feeling you imply I dont want changes to be made to the game, especially since the game is out for so long. I totaly agree however. I am looking forward to the new amii cards, maybe fire/frost in the future, tweaks to cards in general to keep things fresh, etc. But I dont see what that has to do with the difference between pure cards and splashable cards? I am all for changes, I just think we should keep the core (what does it mean to be a certain faction, how do monuments work, etc) of battleforge the same.
  5. You might be aware of this already, but in the discord they are discussing muiltiple balance changes Not close to your list, but good to see things are being changed. You can also join the discussion and share your ideas there.
  6. While I generally agree with you that players can set their own restrictions and challenges (I restricted myself to only Twilight Edition cards, no enlightenment, for an expert run without cheesing maps), I dont think we should just make everything available to everyone and call it a day. In this logic, why have color differences at all? Why cant I play both frost mage and sunderers on tier 1? I think I saw someone (maybe it was you?) suggest that monuments would be changed to allow all orbs at the same time, to switch things up. I think that would be a huge mistake and undermines the whole id
  7. Making it 2 fireorbs is a way on the path to give players more reason to play a heavy splash (or pure) fire. Moving it to tier 4 makes little sense. What are you trying to acomplish with that? Also, people are constantly pointing out ''but playing X is just better''. Not everyone wants to play the enlightenment batariel deck, so spreading out fun and good cards across all the factions should be something to strive for in general IMO.
  8. Would being able to HOST ranked games be a solution? I find it a bit annoying I can easily find 2vs2 in Sparring Grounds, but its almost impossible to play it on ladder. In theory you have the risk of people feeding other teams, but at the same time: for what? There are no rewards, and the team feeding will spend time while crushing their own record. There are quite a lot of multiplayer games that have the option of hosting ranked and unranked games, would this maybe solve some problems?
  9. I agree with all 3 changes, though I would also be fine with just Point 1 and 3 and see how that goes (2 fire orbs, only one per player). Its a cool fire card, so I wouldnt mind rewarding people for playing two fire orbs at tier 3.
  10. I am a big fan of color restrictions, since it rewards you for playing a certain deck. The problem isnt with Lost Dragon, its the fact that some cards dont have this restriction and are thus superior. If anything we should be looking at this, instead of removing it. There is a reason deepone was 1G but changed to GG. Same with War Eagle. I know you are making a case for Tier 4, but I dont think the logic is much different. You want to be rewarded for going all in on a certain combination. Enligtenment goes arround this (which is why I dislike it in general), but that at least forces you into G
  11. I think creativity lies in restriction, and part of the charm of battleforge is making new decks. By giving the option for a deck to do whatever, you take that away. For example, I like Shadow Worm. Currently the only way to play it is: Mono Shadow, XGG (Enligtenment) or XPPPP (5 orbs/amii monument). And that is fine. I currently have a Nature/Shadow/Shadow/Shadow deck. I am now considering building a new mono shadow deck so I play my favourite worm. If Amii Enligtenment was in the game, I wouldnt have to, I could just slam it into every deck. Now I actually have to buy a whole new deck, which
  12. Any updates on the new tournament? Original plans were upcoming weekend right? Is that still the case?
  13. I totaly understand where your feelings come from, and the silence of the last few months have left their scars. But the fact the dev team is now hiring people to adress those very same issues is a good thing, and the only thing they can do right now. Yes, it would have been better if it happened earlier, but nothing that can be done about that. You say you couldnt care less about balancing, but most of the PvP scene was dead because people were waiting for those balance changes. The fact the team opened up positions like Community Ambassador and Event Manager are precicely to tackle the
  14. When I wrote it was stuck at 6 for a while, at the moment I see 7. But yea, im going to play either way
  15. Whats the minimum number of players required for the tournament to be held? So far it doesnt look good
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