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    I use discord Xd

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    To see this game make a huge comeback.
    Make the best Fire shadow deck and spend countless hours playing this game once it's back up again.
    Also to anyone who plays League of legends on the NA server my name is the same MrDepressed just add me and send me an MSG and we can play.

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  1. PickOrder

    Overpowered exp rewards

    I get you PvP rank just felt way more self-respecting then anything else but the PvE with friends was the best for me.
  2. PickOrder

    Overpowered exp rewards

    I loved having a high PvE rank showed how much time I played the game and all the new players and my friends would be amazed loved it.
  3. PickOrder

    What the heck?! My rep is gone!

    I'm not sure how many I had. I wasn't That active as of late but when this first started I was. I made some discussions It was around 20 to 40 Something I Realy cant remember wish I could check but when I just got back to getting on this hype train was when the rep went away lol.
  4. Lol me in almost every PvE that was not expert lol but PvP had me focusing.
  5. PickOrder


    lol just give it a bit lol and find yourself a profile pic lol hope to see ya in the game for release.
  6. PickOrder

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Nice story even tho the giveaway is over nice job lol.
  7. PickOrder

    English Grammar Test

    Hell ya
  8. PickOrder

    Forge replacement design - custom map

    I just like the Idea that the Forge could be better it was ok but I thought it was boring after awhile it could be just me but I like a little greenery if they added some water or grass elements to the basic forge and more space for the mobs to spawn it would be legit but I would also be ok with just the old forge to it was ok for what it did I thought it could just be better.
  9. PickOrder

    Auction House prices

    ya it went hella crazy
  10. PickOrder

    The New Cardbase and More

    Looking good boss good work guys xd I appreciate it.
  11. PickOrder

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Yo on the NA servers for Arche Age on the fresh server vengeance if any of you play it pm me. same for league of legends even tho that is not a mmo.
  12. PickOrder

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Battle Forge the game before it's time. I started playing battle forge when it came out right away I saw what little advertising EA did and was blown away with the visuals all the colors and the RTS gameplay it blew me away. I loved the Age of empires series but I also loved fantasies and battle forge was a perfect match for me I clocked in so many hours that I felt I was truly a part of the game. Growing up I did not have many friends all I had was my mom and my twin brother and when 2009 came around we were so Hyped to start playing battle forge we played it day in and day-night the game was just that good We even play Lord of ultima to get the lord cyrian battle forge card. The game was just our way to escape and meet other players and people in this fantastic game. Then EA announced that they were closing it down and felt so bad I spent so much time on this game PvE PvP all the games I played the friends me and my brother made all that progress would be gone and I was so depressed I could not believe a game like Battle Forge was being closed down I thought the game was great all the regular players did too we were committed but EA wasn't. So after battle forge stopped I just went from game to game none of them being able to replace the gameplay I got out of Battle Forge I started playing league of legends soon after just to pass the time. But then one day after I got home from College and was just surfing the web I found it this amassing hope I found it just by chance Battle forge REBORN it was what I wanted I called my brother and he was just as excited that this project was going on and I have been following this project ever since then and with all the progress and with EA giving us the green light it just means so much to and to my brother and that is what my story was about just how I found battle forge used as a kid with my brothers to make friends and fit in and now that it is coming back I'm just so happy.
  13. This is where the hype gets going hella hard LETS GOOOOO
  14. PickOrder

    Best Combo's for PvP and more

    Props to that combo and the meme lol SEEM MEE ROLLIN LOL A cannon Tower with Glacier shell was always fun before the building times went up in renegade release but I love renegade so I was not upset.

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