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  1. Upoo

    loot for comunitymaps

    I have a small sugestion..... 10 map difficulties. Odd maps 1,3,5,7 drop cards in tiers T1 (difficulty 1), T2 (difficulty 3), T3 (difficulty 5), T4 (difficulty 7). Peer maps, 2,4,6,8 would drop T1 upgrades (difficulty 2), T2 (difficulty 4), T3 (difficulty 6), T4 (difficulty 8). Difficulties 9 and 10, would drop special types of loot, which would be decided by the staff.
  2. It's friday mates, time to grab a beer and play till saturday rises.

  3. Since there is no date for the full release. I have a question, the players who played during the tests (beta and alpha) will get any kind of reward for the time played? or the ranking they achiev during this time played? I'm not saying there is a need for this, is just a doubt.
  4. Upoo

    Question about "reset on full release"

    i'm already not encountering any but (just lag) xD
  5. Upoo

    The story behind your nick.

    Well... the story about my nick is kinda REALLY OLD. When i started playing ragnarok online "2003"... i started with a assassin, with this character my plan was to help my friends with the leveling process. So my first nick was "Upoo_Vc_De_Graça", translating for english is like "leveling_you_for_free". The intent of the nick was to describe what i'll do with the assassin. As the time passes, i change the nick a bit from the frase to just one word "upoo". But sometimes i use another nicks too, using references to old games.
  6. Upoo

    Just a "BIG THX"

    Monday in a group of friends, a cousin mentioned the name "Battleforge", after reading a news on a certain website about the evolution of the RTS style of games. Curious with the progress of the game today (I knew that the original server had closed its activities) I went in search of possible servers (unofficial ones) and to my surprise I came across the Skylords. I would just like to thank those involved in this project for the dedication and great work you have been doing. I've had time to play for only 2 hours..... but I'm really enjoying what you've done, and the game community seems to be very receptive to who's coming back. It's good to be back. I miss this game so much... i had too much fun with BF in the past, i hope i can have good times here. And... Sorry about my "bad english", my native language is not english, and the few about english i know.... i learn from games.

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