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  1. Pulse_

    Name change?

    if not renaming it, how to delete it and create a new character?
  2. Pulse_

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    hi devs, your faq is confusing "Be mindful that the game will not function without any of these files. Once you have the files on your computer, running the updater should start the game correctly." this is "false", updater can mean anything. i was not able to play the game simply cos i tried to play with the wrong exe file. What happened to me was that first of course i tried to launch the battleforge.exe. After seeing its not working i tried others. "UAC" actually kinda worked and i could even login once. So i thought i found the right exe file and i kept launching it. Today however i realised the file i need is named under "SkylordsRebornUpdater". So pls make sure u modify ur description.
  3. So i created a new charachter when i could finally login to the creation screen, and then the message said that i already have a charachter bound to this email and has all the old cards?lol? Then i got DC so i couldnt play if so whats the name of my old char that has the cards? can someone help me with this? or this message is just missleading and false?

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