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  1. lmNewb


    When i was about to go online and do my daily quests today, i started the application and it updated sucessfully, i press play, starts up i log in and theres a sign saying i got wrong client/need to update. My question is... does anyone else have the same issue or am i the only one who have this problem couldent find anyone else having the same issue. thanks beforehand.
  2. lmNewb

    Balance Changes

    I have done massive amount of 1v1 games and 2v2 games i have reached the rank 1 in both back in the day, my main tire was nature T1 cause its strongest, 2nd id place Shadow T1 then fire T1 but if the map is short id like to place frost t1 in at the top, its not only about cards layout of the map must be considred if its narrow or wide open, how much space there is for microing units, at t2 there is plenty of balance and counters for everything, t3 i dident even have in my 1v1 deck for wider t1 and t2 options, t3 in 2v2 is all about comboing like netherwarp and tremors can nuke 2wells and 1 orb pretty good for example there is so many options, but the games tottaly balanced only colour lacking is bandits..
  3. lmNewb

    after update

    im also having this problem after logging in, it throws me to destop and i get a warning message saying "no acess"

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