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  1. Name : Bandit steelguards cannot be executed(final damage) by Lost Spirit Ship Severity : Happens every RPVE when we go against Bandits.So its a 2 Location : RPVE in game. REPRODUCIBILITY : Always. Description : In Rpve,when you go against bandits, there is a ranged anti-range unit called Bandit Steelguards.Lost spirit ships sends missiles to kill enemies and knockbacks small and medium units.But against this unit when they go below 10-6 health Lost spirit ships continues to attack but doesnt do any damage and doesnt knockbacks this small units. Screenshot-Video : I
  2. In RPVE,bandits anti-ranged troop the Steelguards are unkillable when they face your Lost Spirit Ships.Even thought missiles hit the steelguards,they do no damage.You have to kill it by other troops.Can you check that as well please.
  3. When you use the relocation on phase tower it should go to the designated place which does it by disappearing and appearing again.In game when you use relocate and suddenly when the relocation point gets intruded by your friends or enemy the relocation doesnt happen but furthermore phase tower gets debuffed and relocation stays on cooldown.Can you check that ?
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