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  1. You create my deck!

    Sure thing! Tier 1: Master Archers, Ice Barrier, Homesoil Tier 2: Defenders, Lyrish Knight, Juice Tank, Breeding Grounds, Shrine of Memory Tier 3: Rageflame (Frost), Stone Warrior (Frost), Wheel of Gifts, Revenge, Equilibrium (Nature) Tier 4: Colossus, Gemeye (Nature), Primeval Watcher, Giant Wyrm, Regrowth, Mind Control, Maelstorm Although I still think playing around with Enlightenment could be really fun
  2. You create my deck!

    You are able to use all cards "At once" was not stated.
  3. You create my deck!

    This one should be challenging at T4 Tier 1: Master Archers, Ice Barrier, Homesoil Tier 2: Defenders, Lyrish Knight, Juice Tank, Breeding Grounds Tier 3: Rageflame (Frost), Stone Warrior (Frost), Wheel of Gifts, Revenge, Enlightenment Tier 4: Bloodhorn (Shadow), Batariel (Fire), Ironclad (Frost), Lost Warlord (Frost), Shadow Worm, Forest Elder (Nature), Fire Dragon, Mind Control
  4. Most iconic cards for each element?

    Fire: Juggernaut Frost: Avatar of Frost Shadow: Wrathgazer Nature: Razorleaf
  5. Stream - balance, opinions, discussion

    Thing is that there is always some kind of metagame. Back when the game was still running, people found what cards/combos are strong (and sometimes not that hard to use). They became popular due to their strength/usefulness factor and thus defined the meta. So yes, you can easily find cards that were strong, but those cards most likely already WERE in the meta. Theorycrafting will not change the already settled meta, altering the game's balance will.
  6. Stream - balance, opinions, discussion

    Honestly, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to have one discussion session before the Open Beta. That'd give some food for thought until we can try out these ideas in-game ourselves. After the game releases though I'd think this could become an often thing, assuming there will be balance changes later on (think of balance patch discussion videos/podcasts).
  7. Stream - balance, opinions, discussion

    Even though no one really knows me in this community, I'm a huge fan of game mechanic and balance discussions. I have many ideas swarming my head regarding BatleForge's balance so I'd definitely enjoy participating in the discussion once it happens.
  8. Announcement - Stream on 11/06/2016

  9. What is your favourite Tier 2 - Tier 4 Neutral Cards?

    Ya mixin' somethin' up, Mo ain't T4
  10. How to Build a (PvP) Deck [Guide]

    Great guide @Eirias. Just one thing: I think you've mixed Dryad's affinities in Pure Nature section. Nature affinity is more situational than Frost.
  11. Chess tournaments

    Wow, watched a couple of replays. @Eirias is really good! On another note, I might want to play. I am not really good, but I like chess nonetheless.
  12. Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    Gotta be Spikeroot, the only root network T2 unit.
  13. BattleForge Concept Art

    Sorry, but that's all I found :/ Would've been nice to find something for all elements.
  14. BattleForge Concept Art

    Here it is
  15. BattleForge Concept Art

    Hmm, got 2 more images, but warning " You are only allowed to upload 3.91mb. " popped again, even though I am uploading them one by one.