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  1. It was on the same machine, i've never seen windows defender slowdown a download. I have FTTP and unlimited downloads, Telstra is my provider. All downloads from other sources are fine. My 980 pro nvme ssd is brand new, and is healthy acording to samsung magician. My system is on a asus crosshair viii hero wifi on the latest bios (3904) R9 5900x cpu, 32gb of gskill tridentz neo (F4-3600C16Q) soundblaster AE7, and a 1080ti aorus extreme edition. Windows 10 pro Maybe my provider has an issue with pathing to your server, idk. Now it is downloaded i'll just make
  2. When i first installed battleforge it took me 20 - 30 mins max, i just finished installing it for the second time and it took over 5 hours. i did a speedtest and my connection speed is fine, 109.2mbps down and 38.3mbps up, there is no latency issues to the server, so why would this be happening? does your server need maintenance, or is your provider having issues?
  3. I just worked it out using tcpview, battleforge uses TCP port 60871, you can close this post now, cheers.
  4. Hi, I was just wondering, what ports does battleforge skylords reborn use?, so i can set/port forward them in my router. Cheers
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