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  1. TheDare

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    I actually quite liked that, a solid 7 ^w^ now for my song though:
  2. TheDare

    Introduce Yourself!

    I got to hyped up and posted on the other topics, but i got sent here! just reading through these is amazing xD For the third introduction i will just copy the last one! ^^ so here it is: Hellow fellow skylords~! So earlier today i was just casually showing my friend an old game i played called Battleforge and then stumbled upon this! ITS being remade! My hype meter was just too high and i instantly made a post on the "General talk" topic but seeing as not everyone might read that i'll do it over and then here. c: So for a proper introduction.. I'm a 19 year old guy from the Netherlands and the name is Davey. ^^ ( So i'm sorry if there is any miss spelling xD ) I got my diploma for IT this year but right now i am not really pursuing anything and am just working to see what i want to do. I enjoy gaming alot and play many of em some worthy noting are; Ether Saga, S4League, Smite, League of Legends, Final Fantasy and of course Battleforge! Other then gaming i enjoy watching Anime/Cartoons or read Manga's and some of my favourite's are: Anime; Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fairy Tail and Durarara!! Cartoons: Rick & Morty, Gravity Falls and Adventure Time. Manga: Suicide Island, One Piece (havent really watched the anime) and Rabbit Doubt. I am a sucker for music as well, mainly Rock/Metal/Grunge but i enjoy almost every type of music. My favorite all time band is Gorillaz I am completely stoked to join this community and stay active on the forums! ^^ Will share ideas ofcourse and i wanna meet all of you -Dare~ Thanks for reading~! c:

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