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  1. I moved this to resolved, since the hasn't been an answer for 6 months.
  2. Hello, please send us your log files. You can find your log in the Documents/BattleForge/Diag directory. The file we need is named _log_proxy_latest.log .
  3. Hey, it's a known issue that switching audio outputs while the game is running causes crashes. Unfortunately it's too difficult to fix for us right now.
  4. The discord was created in 2019 by a developer who went off on his own, and didn't even consult the rest of the team before creating that discord. Hence the discord was not considered official, and shortly laid to rest a few months later. In Summer 2020 we decided to start rolling out balance changes to the test server. The announcement in the main discord was literally made before we even rolled out the first changes to the test server.
  5. The problem is that I just told you that there are official announcements about the balancing discord, with a working invite: 1. Discord Announcement (8th July 2020) 2. Community Update #1 (23rd April 2021)
  6. I just dug up my old notes, it was actually reduced for both affinities, my bad. - Frost Affinity had the text: 108 Splash Damage U3-U0 - Fire Affinity had the text: 180 Splash Damage on U3, 108 Splash Damage on U2-U0 - The actual damage value for both affinities was: 180 Splash Damage on U3, 108 Splash Damage on U2-U0 Both values were adjusted to 108 splash damage. As reference, Defense Tower has 68 (102 splash) damage. So both towers have Splash Damage = 1.5 * Damage
  7. I guess I'm a witch, because I magically fixed the link without editing the message! Nothern Keep was a bug fix, one affinity had 72 damage and 180 splash, the other had 72 damage and 108 splash. Splash damage is generally 1.5x the normal damage, so the 180 damage was considered a bug. BTW: Magma Hurler is getting a small buff next patch, so look forward to that
  8. The link that was supposedly "publicized" was posted in #general-talk. After someone asked for a link to the server, Lada generated an invite link. The default expiry duration for invite links is 7 days, which quite clearly was not changed. Generally you could find the invite link for the balancing discord by either scrolling up for a minute in the discord #announcements or searching "balancing discord in: announcements" on our discord. However, arguably many people didn't know the server exists in the first place, which is why we gave special attention to all of our official discords in our
  9. Patch #400028 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks, This update contains our second balance patch for the game alonside some minor changes, enjoy! Feedback to these changes can be given on the balancing discord. When you give feedback make sure to properly support your reasoning by including replays or video footage, otherwise it is not very helpful. General fixes Fixed a russian translation in the achievements filter. General changes Changed default achievement filter from "All" to "Not Completed". Fix Easter Egg achievement using wrong year t
  10. Hey everyone, we're glad to tell you we have found a volunteer for a role which has been unfilled for quite a while! We would like to welcome @Minashigo Hiko to the team. As an event organizer he will be responsible to design and organize official events and tournaments from start to finish. He will research new and fun event ideas, design the event and rewards, organize the event and ensure it runs smoothly as a whole. One of the first things he will be working on is a new PvE challenge, so be on the lookout for announcements in the upcoming weeks ! If you are a member of the community w
  11. Zyna

    Character missing?

    Restart the game, it's fixed.
  12. Restart the game, it's fixed.
  13. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks! Today we're happy to announce our new client developer @MarcoMaar joining the team! He will be responsible for adding new features, modifying user interfaces, or fixing bugs in our game client. Up until recently, he was working on a new ingame section, where you are able to see all of your opened boosters. Below, you can see a sneak peek of this new feature. We're very excited to have him with us, and are looking forward to his future contributions! Best regards, Skylords Reborn Team.
  14. Zyna


    I think the statitics for PtD and Ascension are a bit flawed here. If any of the 12 players have decomposer in their deck, it will count as a "Decomposer match". The numbers may also be somewhat flawed in general since they just mean that decomposer was in a deck. Here is a similar table which also has the condition that decomposer needs to be played at least once. Here the numbers are somewhat skewed in the other direction though, because matches which just end after e.g. 30 seconds count towards the total match count. Campaign maps - Standard name use
  15. Zyna


    @PonniSince you asked, here are some stats, For each map, the amount of matches where any of the players has decomposer in their deck are divided by the total amount of matches on that map. Campaign maps - Standard name used_percentage PassageToDarkness 35.9955 Ascension 32.6199 Empire 15.1042 BadHarvest 13.5707 RavensEnd 13.1328 Blight 12.5150 Titans 11
  16. Patch #400027 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! Today we're rolling out a small patch to better promote ongoing tournaments. In addition to that, we are happy to announce the next big patch for Skylords Reborn. We are working on some final things, but the patch after this one will include the next round of balancing changes for PvP! We plan to release the patch after the currently running PvE challenge ends. Be sure to check it out aswell, maybe you can earn yourself a couple of boosters: Here are the short patch notes for today. As always, thank you so much for
  17. We rolled out another new update. According to other users the issues are gone. Is it working for you aswell?
  18. We rolled out another new update. According to other users the issues are gone. Is it working for you aswell?
  19. We reverted the patch again, can you manually revert like last time please? Windows 7 keeps causing issues unfortunately.
  20. Changes: - Closed applications for "Community Manager" position
  21. It's not as simple as just prioritizing game design over faction design. Those are two different departments. The balancing developers could not simply just start working on implementing new concepts. They are neither client nor server developers. As balance developers, they "only" work with our internal balancing tool. For the game design process, we need game designers, client developers and server developers (and also potentially more web developers in the future). So far we managed to add one new game designer, @Eirias, and soon we could add one new client developer, who is currently worki
  22. It all started out with you publicly complaining about the issue of the lack of tournaments. In that discussion you were already showing a somewhat passive aggressive attitude towards @Ladadoos. A few days later, you approached him via his DMs in a rather aggressive way. He told you that he's not ignoring the issue, but not interested in a personal discussion with you, due to your attitude. Normally we wouldn't mind discussing something like this, as long as there's respect and common courtesy. In fact, I discuss topics like this with @Toggy quite often. It is rare that we decide to ignore som
  23. It seems our latest patch does not work with Windows 7. Please download this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xw52oho41k3s4op/SkylordsRebornUpdater.zip/file Please use this to revert to the old updater for now. Just extract, drop, and replace the files in your BattleForge directory.
  24. On the old dev platform, there were only patch notes for the most part. Since release, we started posting all development updates in the updates section of the forums. Here is the most recent update: That's essentially the replacement for the dev platform. One thing which is currently missing there are the updates for the test server, those are only being posted on discord right now, but we're planning on starting to post them on the forum aswell. For announcements, there's always been the "Announcements" subforum. We're definitely aware that we can substantially improve transparency
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