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  1. GhostPyroDrake

    Terrain bonuses,new card

    Idea for a whole set of cards with a theam Fiery Crusade(light red cards) Cards: 1.Fiery warrior 1 fire orb,cost 60 Ability: 1.Fiery Warrior banner only 1 warrior can have,effect boost defense and hp by 5% to all fiery warrior around the carrier 2.Fiery armor boost defense by 5% and when hits gives the fiery debuff Fiery debuff gives % damage 2.Fiery crossbowmen 1 fire orb,cost 60 Abitity: 1.Banner but gives 5% damage 2.Fiery arrow by 5% damage and fiery debuff 3.Fiery cavalery 2 fire orbs,cost 100 Ability: 1.Banner damage and hp 2.Fiery lances 5% damage and speed boost with the debuff 4.Fiery giant swordsman 3 fire orbs,cost 200 Ability: 1.Banner which gives area damage 2.Fiery slash which deal area of damage in a line and leaves the ground burning and knocks enemies smaller 5.Fiery Champion 4 fire orbs,cost 400 Pasive:HE leaves a path of fire were ever he goes which damages the enemy Ability: 1.Banner which gives 10% to all stats 2.Fiery warcry boost stats to all units 6.Hero unit: Vulcanicus first crusader 3 orbs,cost 250 Ability:1.First Banner which gives to all units no mater the name a boost of 10% 2.Call of the crusade which will summon a random fiery crusade unit Some spells: Fiery courage which gives all the fiery cards in the area a boost of attack 3 fire orbs 160 cost Fiery Explosion which damages all the enemies in a area and gives the debuff 1 fire orb,80 cost Fiery storm which damages all enemies in a area and gives the debuff,2 fire orbs,100 cost Buildings: Fiery altar which has 4 abilities from which to chose only 1 altar and 1 ability can be used.1 fire orb,100 cost Abilities: 1.Vulcanicus's sword which boost the damge of banner units 2.Vulcanicus's bless which boost regen to banner units 3.Vulcanicus's armor which boost defense of banner units 4.Vulcanicus's bots which boost speed of banner units

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