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  1. Pregananant Kappa

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    2. Mitrix



    3. Fauchderial


      doubt... hmm... yes pray pewdiepie :moon:

    4. Mitrix


      Praaay !

  2. Mitrix

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

  3. Mitrix

    New Languarge

    Where can we find the files to edit the translations ?
  4. I've played it a lot when it was released and I never rage quitted on it simply because of its fun. The gameplay and storyline is absolutely brilliant ! It makes you play it for hours ! Also I agree this game is unique, I wouldn't even be able to create this kind of game without somebody with IT knowledge to be honest I can't wait already for public beta to be launched !
  5. Mitrix

    New Languarge

    Can we help in adding languages ? I am from Romania
  6. RO : Salut, dragi oameni ai comunității, doriți să jucăm o partidă ? EN : Hello, dear community people, want to play a match ?
  7. You just want me 'cause I'm next...

  8. Mitrix

    The story behind your nick.

    A long time ago ... in 2007-2008 my brother was playing World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. His name character name was Ph3n0m so in 2010-2011 I began to play on Molten-Wow. I decided there to make a warlock since it was my favourite class. As I am a guy who loves to hack and cheat, I was thinking to Matrix (the movie) and Ta-dam ! There's the name Mitrix ! I wish I could post there a photo with it... Miss it really much... *damn those feels*
  9. Kill those who are weaker than you !

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    2. Mitrix
    3. anonyme0273


      Just wait for the PvP... until then, I suggest not walking around people younger than you, perhaps not even leaving the house in the first place... just to be sure

    4. Mitrix
  10. Just an old memory...

  11. Mitrix

    Tech Alpha Testers Confirmed list

    Congratulations !
  12. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    @Ladadoos Alright sir !
  13. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    @Ladadoos @Ilsyde Thank you guys alot ! Weekly or everday we should get free bfp ...my oppinion. ^^
  14. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    @Ladadoos Well just in single player. As I knew years ago , if you were using hacks in multiplayer the game would have disconnected. Damn

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