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  1. Mitrix

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    You guys are some badass beasts ! Thank you !
  2. Mitrix

    New Languarge

    Where can we find the files to edit the translations ?
  3. I've played it a lot when it was released and I never rage quitted on it simply because of its fun. The gameplay and storyline is absolutely brilliant ! It makes you play it for hours ! Also I agree this game is unique, I wouldn't even be able to create this kind of game without somebody with IT knowledge to be honest I can't wait already for public beta to be launched !
  4. Mitrix

    New Languarge

    Can we help in adding languages ? I am from Romania
  5. RO : Salut, dragi oameni ai comunității, doriți să jucăm o partidă ? EN : Hello, dear community people, want to play a match ?
  6. Mitrix

    The story behind your nick.

    A long time ago ... in 2007-2008 my brother was playing World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. His name character name was Ph3n0m so in 2010-2011 I began to play on Molten-Wow. I decided there to make a warlock since it was my favourite class. As I am a guy who loves to hack and cheat, I was thinking to Matrix (the movie) and Ta-dam ! There's the name Mitrix ! I wish I could post there a photo with it... Miss it really much... *damn those feels*
  7. Mitrix

    Tech Alpha Testers Confirmed list

    Congratulations !
  8. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    @Ladadoos Alright sir !
  9. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    @Ladadoos @Ilsyde Thank you guys alot ! Weekly or everday we should get free bfp ...my oppinion. ^^
  10. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    @Ladadoos Well just in single player. As I knew years ago , if you were using hacks in multiplayer the game would have disconnected. Damn
  11. Mitrix

    Hacks and cheats ?

    Hello everyone ! As you guys make This game come back , I was thinking about an interesting question. Some years ago I used from Cheathappens a small cheat where I did a mission with Viridya (The first one where she was manipulating some powers ) and I had like tons of orbs , points and my cards unlocked. (It was a free hack but then CH came with the ideea : Pay and take Free trainers from our website cause why not ?) No offense, but there will me some kind of cheats or hacks ? I know it's bannable in multiplayer but It would be fun solo though. Also I don't understand how many games got these kind of programs , how do these developers make those Hacks ? Do they need the database ? Thank you ! (Sorry for opening this topic, it's just a simple question) Best regards, Mitrix
  12. Mitrix

    Where are you from?

    From Botoșani, Romania.
  13. Mitrix

    Willing to help !

    @Ladadoos Alright ! Thanks anyway !

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