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  1. my opinion on this topic: Base income either daily based or quest based (like 50-100 bfp max). Gold, bfp and promos only through ingame chests, and maybe gold reward for winning games, leaderboards, pvp...
  2. yueland

    RPVE video series: common mistakes

    Hi everyone!!! Since batleforge is back, i thought i would make some videos from my replays, especially to new people so i centered on mistakes. Published on youtube and added text with the mistakes i noticed on subtitles (so you need to click on CC to see them). This would be a series of videos, and any help or comentaries would be appreciated. First video: RPVE 7 By the end of the match here there is a capture of my whells with resource booster (update 3) on them: Second video: RPVE 9 introducing the hulk
  3. yueland

    nerf amii monument

    actually i think it gets back 140 because units abilities goes completely to void...someone knows the real amount? someone tested it? if you're not allowing to have amii monument on t3, you need to balance pve when a scenario of 2 or 4 is played by less ppl, otherwise those times that nobody want to play or you just don't find a player to play some map you lose miserably on expert most of the time.... In pvp on the other hand i've never seen anyone use it on 1vs1 since they change build cost from 150 to 250 back on EA disaster times, maybe on 2vs2 could be used more. Maybe it should be made 4 orbs card and that will prevent broken tactics on game but, then again i think something need to be changed on pve. That's what i think
  4. yueland

    database error showing on chat window

    yes fixed, it happend only once
  5. Throwing database errors to lobby... is this normal? also you can see id and stuff from DB.

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