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  1. Just want to say THANK YOU, since the beginning of the stress test the server is a lot, Lot, LOt, LOT more stable.
  2. As an IT guy myself, I wish I could have a look at the server itself to see whats going on No idea where the server is hosted (Some cloud provider I assume) but I wonder how big it is, and what is really causing the problem...
  3. 43 here, ready to kick some young asses in PvP
  4. I wonder why they don't release alpha to everyone, just get the feedback from those selected guys... maybe this way they can start evaluating server capacity. I'd love to just play around in the forge. 921
  5. I was just joking guys, see my post count, i'm miles away from alpha. BTW 919
  6. 916 So this is just to increase the posts count... right?
  7. Hi guys, Just learned about battleforge reborn and you guys made my day!!! I can't believe what you guys are doing bringing battleforge back (Shame on you EA!), I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you guys, keep the good work!!! I'll be testing whatever you guys release as soon as I can, just can't wait to spam a few units in the forge or whatever is ready, and man, when the game is fully back, it will be like christmas every day
  8. Hi All! I'm from Spain, first post in these forums, knowing about battleforge reborn just made my day, can't wait to play this amazing game again!
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