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  1. Eddio

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    @Lexxx The amount of slots is unkown but it is for sure more than 50 probably closer to 200.
  2. Even though the project was interesting he didn't get far at all. The only thing he had were a couple of models and nothing else.
  3. Eddio

    My Dear Friends

    Are you gonna make new vids?
  4. Eddio

    When did you Join the Skylords Reborn Crew?

    You know you can just check when someone joined on their profile right?
  5. Eddio

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Just wait for a bit longer people the devs will fix it
  6. Eddio

    What's better

  7. Eddio

    Some question about account/charachter

    If you mean all old cards from when EA ran the game than no you don't have access to that account since the skylords team doesn't have that data. You got 2 starter decks and 2 starting boosteres so you do already have some cards.
  8. Eddio

    What's better

    This has been the easiest poll I have ever seen on the forum.
  9. Eddio

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    See you all in the Forge people
  10. Eddio

    Should I come back to the community?

    Oh pls Thomas.....
  11. Eddio

    Favorite Worm

    Here is my short reply: "Core dredge is best".
  12. Eddio

    Important Stream Incoming! (05/09/18 20:30)

    The is real!! Ps. What kind of rep farm is this?
  13. Eddio

    Faovirte Battleforge Pastime

    I always loved playing Battlegrounds :D
  14. Eddio

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    Impossible quest: 1. Beat @BurningWorld in pvp. But jokes aside :p You said have all cards as a quest, we can also divide it into having all cards of a faction. Or play every card once in matches
  15. Eddio

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    @jokersjokes Those are some pretty nice names
  16. Eddio

    The legendary forum game "count"

    Two eight two four
  17. Eddio


    I am really not sure what you mean by end of 2019 or what you mean by items but the dev team is working tirelessly on getting the open beta up and running. All things they do are necessary for the open beta.
  18. Eddio

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    I wrote a couple though some might overlap with what was already said. :p General quests/achievements: 1. Beat a 2p map solo on x difficulty 2. Beat a 4p map solo x difficulty 3. Beat x map without using any 4 orb cards 4. Do x amount of damage using spells 5. Do x amount of damage using buildings 6. Do x amount of damage using monsters 7. Heal x amount of health to monsters 8. Get the daily reward x ammount of times 9. Beat x amount of enemys with boss afinities 10. Build x amount of orbs 11. Build x amount of power wells 12. Place x amount of a specific card 13. Use monster abilities x amount of times 14. Kill an XL unit using a small unit 15. Destroy x amount of shields 16. Kill x amount of Twilight/Bandit/Lost Soul units 17. Use a revenant doom ability 18. Use a transform ability 19. Gather x amount of power in x map 20. In pvp kill a promo unit using a promo unit 21. In pvp go to t3 before your opponent builds a second monument 22. Do x amount of damage using x unit 23. Absorb x amount of damage using Ashbone Pyro 24. Destroy x amount of buildings using a unit with the siege ability 25. Freeze 100,500,1000 units in matches (could be a nice excuse to give santa clause as an reward :p) 26. Buy 100 cards in the marketplace 27. Sell 100 cards in the marketplace 28. Win a level 1 battlegrounds using only snapjaws 29. Teleport a unit using a tunnel ability 30. Use all Trick magic devices in Oracle correctly on the first time 31. Open x amount of boosters 32. Knock back 100/500/1000 units 33. Have 4 orbs with different elements in a pve match 34. Trade 100 cards (Map)specific quests/achievements: 1. Switch the gate in Sunbridge shrine x ammount of times 2. Win Guns of Lyr without any damage on the Rogans Stronghold 3. Win the Dwarven Riddle without using the fire altar 4. Win defending Hope without Rogan taking any damage 5. Win the Soultree without Moon health getting under 50% 6. Win Convoy without letting x ammount of walkers die 7. Win Siege of Hope without letting any of the humans die 8. Save all humans in Titans 9. Win the Insane god without letting any of the priest or temples take damage 10. Defeat Mo without any of the banzai birds exploding 11. Win Nightmares end without losing any of the magic nodes 12. Defeat the Red King in under 3 minutes after the battle starts 13. In Blight defeat the ravenheart in under 15 seconds 14. Destroy 10 Raven Scoutships in Raven's end 15. Don't use the spell device more than 10 times in Convoy 16. Win Soultree without letting any of the Lyrish Defenders die Endgame, (map)specific quests/achievements: 1. Win any 2p expert map solo using the tutorial deck 2. Win a 12p map expert with only one persons on each map and without using any spells 3. Beat Guns of Lyr/Dwarven Riddle on expert solo without building any buildings(including walls) 4. Beat lvl 10 battlegrounds solo without going higher than the second orb 5. Beat all pve maps in under 3 hours 6. Have 100k gold 7. Win 50 pvp matches in a row 8. Destroy all 8 crystals within 3 minutes after destroying the first one in Dwarven Riddle expert solo
  19. Congrats you 2 , I also really like the new gold instead of token system.
  20. Eddio


    Granted but nobody will ever leave another reply on this topic again. I wish it wasn't so hot outside right now.
  21. Eddio

    Best Anime moment

    When Cory finally walks in the house.

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