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  1. Thanks guys. That clears it up a bit, since the attack animations and speed vary that makes sense. So most fights would end up being more drawn out/overtime if two of the same units are attacking each other. As a rule I take it if I wanted to estimate the damage per second just to divide by 20? sorta an informal way to figure out which units could for example one shot another unit in a quick fight
  2. Thank you for this helpful card guide. As a new fan of this game I had a question about unit/tower damage. You say it is done over 20 secs? so it is not per attack? Somewhat Confusing. Also with certain units/towers such as the armored tower example, there is an attack value but no damage type/bonus. This unit also has a passive ability called ice bolt with a different damage amount. Does that mean that the tower has two attacks?
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