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    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Me and my friends were always looking for something new to play, we moved from to an MMO to another, from Tibia to Lineage II, and some private servers in those games... We even had our own server with our custom map for Tibia. It was about the launch of LOL we find Battleforge, we chose Battleforge over LOL at first and we enjoyed this game so much, we had a lot, and i mean a lot of secondary accounts just for the rewards and grinding up our decks with the rewards. We enjoyed PVE but the PVP was just for us, we never were very good at it but we putted passion into it, we just loved play against each other and in 1v1 or 2v2, but overall we had BIG discussion against each other, it was a pretty complex gameto figure it out by yourselfs and we just were enjoying the ride, we eventually moved to LOL after some moths and when we tryed to go back it was already closed. It might not be the best history by any means, i just want to post what i feel about this game and i dont really care if i win the contest, i would love to get a key but there is not rush. I just want to expirience this game again with my old friends.

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