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  1. Grinax

    The story behind your nick.

    Well... pronouce [Green-axe] I used to nick Grimgor (the big green guy in warhammer). It's an Ork (so Green) and he has an Axe, so... It's so stupid I use it since around 2006-7...
  2. Grinax

    2 - Create Custom Match Errorcode "1"

    Hello, I got the same problem here but the path is a little bit different than everything listed, so hope it will help 1st One : - I try to enter a created game - nothing really happen, i don't enter any lobby, but every button except return get unusable - but in fact, I can see in the back right corner that i joined the group - I have to right click on my avatar an manually click quit the group - then if I try to join a new game, nothing happen at all - If i try to create a game, BF crashes with the same message than everybody. (happened once, after leaving the group, i find several open games, with various persons as leader being in the one group i was in. included one opened game with me as a leader) 2nd one : after restarting the game, i can etheir redo the path one or : - I first create a game, without trying to join one, it works. I enter the lobby and can wait for other player. - If i start the game, everything works fine. (i don't know if other player can see my game and if they can join, nobody came though) - If I don't lunch and click return button, the game freeze or disconect. (Edit : If I use the Yellow cross, it close correctly with no freeze or disconect) - But if I quit the game i just created and after it lunched, go back to map, i can then join other groups normally and play. (But I still can't create a game and click return button without freezing) Log 1 and 2 are respectively for path 1 and 2 up to clicking return button. Log 3 is for lunching the game, quitting, and then enter a group normally and do the whole mission hope this will help. log1.txt log2.txt log3.txt

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