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  1. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Volin in Fire Enemies in rPvE   
    I'd like to give the following video a little more context than the thread here, which of course it relates to.
    Of course, I could have played this better, we played a casual round with casual decks and had a nice chat in the Voice about everything and anything. I was a bit distracted.
    The Batariel skill was already placed and was supposed to hit the back third of the camp, usually a good idea since the Batariel burns away the whole frontline of a camp while delivering good damage to half the camp. Usually...
    And yes, I could have had about 5k more HP on the board, 500 energy reserve was a bit high. However, this situation looked different just a few seconds before, my SoW (which also tie up another 300 energy) had just supplied me with fresh energy again. As a pure fire player, I need something for my sustain - which admittedly could be played a bit better here - and for a fast bata skill- since I depend on fast voidreturn (a.k.a. "kills") on the one hand and since every dead enemy also takes damage out on me.
    Unity was running out 1 second before the Fire Sphere hit me. Shame on me. Really.
    But, let's imagine that the Bata skill would have been aimed centered, Unity would have been reactivated and I would have had 20,250 HP standing there instead of 15,050 HP. I would have felt way better presenting it, but would it have turned the battle around - let everyone answer this question for themselves 😉
    Well and my goodness, if Frenetic/Infect can handle any situation, why doesn't the Volin play it....? 😛
    Btw - Brannoc is a great boss, that's not a vote for changing anything here. It's just a small example of Fire's firepower and how quickly it can go to shit.
    PS: And just btw, this was my 217th match with pure fire. I have the good experience that in such situations additional Emberstrikes in the mix, that provide 2,6k HP for 120 Energy, are a WAY better meatshield as the commonly played Fire Dragons, that have 2,4HP for 250 Energy. So the vast majority of fire players would have had 2 Batariels and 2 Fire Dragons in the game here at this point.... (Or one Batariel and 3 Fire Dragons)
    You can imagine how the situation would have turned out, right? 😄
  2. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Volin in Fire Enemies in rPvE   
    After playing a few days again too much rpve I have to come back to this topic once again. 🙂

    More and more I can't understand this "Fire is to easy" thing. Many people that I see struggle with the high damage output of the fire faction. I see a comparable amount of wipes against Fire then I see against Lost Souls. Even some above average players struggle if they come with (solid) non-meta decks.
    Meta decks struggle partly too, especially when they bring the standard Fire T1 which can perform nicely but must be played very clean. Same for usual FireT1 vs T3 bases - the meta here is countered very well and only works when it is played super clean. Don't get me wrong, that's all doable tasks, but playing random groups I see a complete different picture then Fundus and the TO do see here.
    And for the Bosses I see even the total opposite for this beast "Abbadon" - he is unfair strong and wipes most solo or duo engages in the first attempt, as his damage is overpowered high. I think I cleared him 2 times in the first approach in all the times that I met him and have seen the same for other players. This counts too for very strong and known above average players.
    The only safe engage is in maps where the last row is a long line where all 4 players naturally gather and walk the path together, but even here I saw very close calls. Another quite safe engage is when you have a Nature (big heals) and a pure Frost player (both big shields) have huge armys or support a boss killer like Bloodhorns - all paired with a running Shrine of War to throw in all the mass heals and shields and the boss is down very fast.
    When he stays as he is, I am quite sure some of us will learn to approach him better and better - no question. We will find ways to deal with him. But in the end we would have the same situation as for example a T3 Lost Souls camp, with Vigils, a double spawn on it, that is close to the outer lanes T2 - doable for some of us, while most players just feel desperate how to engage such situations. Or an even better comparison would perhaps be a LS BG10 with Vigils on T2. Yes this is doable, by roughly (if at all) 10 players on this server. Do we really want to tighten things that much?

    I already start to read "Oh no fire" as the "Oh no Lost Souls" that we have. I personally still feel the faction is very well balanced and like the complete different feeling to fight them with their high damage output but therefore low HP. I am a big fan of learning how to deal with that instead of running away anything that is harder then a Bandit map with single spawn lanes on T3 - but making fire harder would not have a bit support from me. And according to Abbadon - please consider if his AoE dmg can nerfed to a point where a good player can heal/shield against it if he brings his spells on point. It feels unfair if 3 Players throw in heals and still a strong army is wrecked like nothing.
  3. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Lipto in add reset button for reset filters of auction house   
    hi guys , im prupose you can add a reset filters button when your search cards and select filters before need to tape the name allways do reset one by one filters ,
    just add button reset filters idea
    sorry if i make bad word im french people my english is bad and my french too xd
  4. Kapo liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in THE GIANT KING SHALL FALL!   
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  6. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by WindHunter in The Current State of the Economy & Reforging   
    Hello everyone, 
    As everyone knows, the in-game economy shifted massively after the advent of the Reforging system. This has led a number of players to express concerns about the health of the economy, and as such we would like to share some relevant economic data with the community. 
    Some important information on the data: When it says "Fire Pool" it includes every card in the game which includes a Fire Orb. The data was collected and presented in this manner because this is how Reforging works when it tells you that the output card has an X% chance of containing a Fire Orb. Additionally, all price information presented is an average of actual sales in the auction house over a given period. While some extreme outliers were removed from the data set, such as 5 bfp Harvesters and 400 bfp Northguards, in 99% of instances the data was accepted as-is without tampering from our side.
    Control Data Set: Contains data prior to the release of Reforging, from June to September 2021.

    Post-Reforging Data Set: Contains data from two weeks after the release of Reforging, approximately December 25th 2021 to January 5th 2022.

    Initial Analysis of Data Set:
    At first glance, you can quickly see that after the update the following changes occurred:
    The average, median, and minimum prices of Common cards increased across the board.  The minimum and median prices of Uncommon cards increased across the board, while the maximum and average prices decreased. The decrease in average prices can be attributed to 1-2 outlier cards in most factions, such as Frost Mage and Shaman, which substantially increased the average price of Uncommon cards in their respective factions. The same thing happened to Rare cards as happened to Uncommon cards. Average, median, and max price of Ultra-rare cards decreased across the board while minimum price increased.  General booster worth decreased from 378 bfp to 311 bfp. Given booster prices are still discounted by 100 bfp until January 18th, this means it is actually more worthwhile to open boosters after the update than it was before. On average, the daily discounted booster will profit a player 61 bfp post-update versus 28 bfp pre-update. How this data will move after the discount is removed remains to be seen, but we expect a slow creep up in prices for cards across the board. Reforging established a minimum base worth for all cards dependent on rarity that did not exist prior. For now this seems to be: Common: 4-5 bfp Uncommon: 14-16 bfp Rare: 62-64 bfp Ultra-rare: 153-165 bfp  Neutral Cards - A Control Set
    Control Data Set: Neutral card prices;

    Post-Reforging Data Set: Neutral card prices

    Neutral cards were purposefully excluded from the Reforging feature. As such, they can only be put into the Reforging system but can never come out. This makes them a good control for examining the data because their prices should only increase when combined with Reforging. While this happened with the Common and Uncommon cards, the same is not true for Rare and Ultra-rare cards. The only increases to Rare and Ultra-rare cards seem to be in-line with those cards increasing to match the base value of other cards of their rarities. This can be seen with Curse Well and Curse Orb and partially in Queek Queek, though it is possible due to the low trading volume of QueekQueek the numbers were simply erratic in the period examined.
    This decrease in the value of Rare cards and the value stagnation of undesirable Ultra-rare cards we see in Neutral cards was a consistent trend among all card values pre-update. If you look above, you will see that the maximum price of Shadow Pool cards in the control data is shown as 3865 bfp. As many of you might have guessed, this data point refers to Infect. Now if you were active in the weeks before the update, you will also know that the price of Infect at the time was actually in the 4500-5000 bfp range. In only a 2-month period, the average price of Infect inflated by between 700-1200 bfp. This trend was not confined to only Infect but to every desirable Ultra-rare card in the game.
    The market trends pre-update (not shown here) were that Common cards were largely worthless, Uncommon cards were following the same trend, Rare cards were steadily decreasing in price (even among sought after cards such as Overlord, Bloodhorn, and Amii Monument), and desirable Ultra-rare and promo cards were increasingly inflating. This was because Ultra-rare and promo cards were the only remaining sources of value left in the economy. Reforging changed this by condensing the total price range of the market and by giving each card in the game a base level of value. 
  7. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by KserSke in Shuffling booster card positions when opening boosters   
    As we all know, the positioning of booster cards in a pack indicates which cards you will get based on the rarity probability. e.g top left is always either a rare/ultra rare. 
    For someone that finds opening boosters pretty fun, i think it would spice up the booster opening element if there was some way in the option to "Shuffle booster cards". Basically what this does is that the card positions that you get based on rarity can be moved randomly to any position. This would mean that the top left does not necessary equates to a rare/ultra rare and this position can appear in any of the other card slots in the booster. Hopefully, it will be much more fun and exciting to open as you technically don't know the cards you get. 
  8. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by WindHunter in Nightmare Shard - Discussion Thread   
    Watching people play this map again, I think increasing the well capacity for the T2 from 600 -> 900p would also be beneficial. Again would only help people who end up in long matches, but given the average completion time of Nightmare Shard is 48 minutes I think this is warranted.
  9. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Volin in Official 2p rPvE Contest#2 The Bandit alliance - Difficulty 9 - UNTIL 31.01.2022   
    Hey all,
    I'm already in a team with one of my usual mates to compete for the top ranks hopefully, but I feel I would have the time and energy to participate in another team.
    I would rather look for a newcomer or experienced player that is usually not among the top10 then to make another top team with well know speedrunners.
    I would not want to share the tactic I use in my other team, nor I want to give out a whole new strategy, but of course I would like to give advice and share my knowledge if wanted so. For myself I had a few ideas for some strats that could be fun and would like to test them. If someone already has a complete strategy idea I would even be glad to follow your lead completely! You see. I am open to many approaches!
    If you are interested reach out to me via Forums PM,via Discord (Volin#8101) or just ingame if you see me (Volin).
    This post will be edited when a team is built - so as long as you can read this, don't hesitate.
    One last thing: Using voice chat is a must for me in a contest, even if we would only more compete for a medium rank, using discord for fast communication is essential and makes things a lot easier and faster. We can speak in English or German, no matter what, this is not negotiable for me 🙂
    See you in the forge
  10. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Tasty Mango in Introduce Yourself!   
    I only just found out this game is back!
    It was my favourite online game and I had spent so much money on it before EA cancelled it.
    I used to rock an Ice / Nature deck, guess its time to start over tomorrow since its late now.
    I decided to search for Battleforge out of interest while reading yet more news of EA trying to buy out other game studios, thats how I discovered its back.
  11. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Volin in DECK-KIT Pure Bandit w/o much Bandits - Showcase Bloodhealing   
    Edited to match the 18.12.21 patch and my gained experience on this deck
    - Added Windhunter as being superior to Gladiatrix now
    - Added new purple Amok, as it can be nice in this deck
    - deleted Skyfire Drake as flying option (think a M-Counter is not needed as both possible T1 bring one already)
    - comment on Minefield which I do not recommend
    - Undead Army added as a 100 matches later I learned this is a great spell to compliment this deck
    - changed the BG9 standard recommendation to match my experience on this deck
    - deleted broken Replays
    - adjusted the text a bit to match above points
    - put a disclaimer that the guide is still working with the birthday patch
    Soooo - Wasteland Terror when? 😄
  12. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Volin in Guide to how melee works in battleforge skylord   
    ❤️   Wanted to like but used my reactions already. Couldn't say it any better 😄
  13. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Guide to how melee works in battleforge skylord   
    Nomads are not spear type despite them holding a spear. Wreckers are spear type.
    Spearmen are spear type. Amazons.... are not.
    Eliminators are spear type. Knight of chaos is not.

    This hurted my brain XD
  14. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Please dont forget to take the survey, even if you have no clue what advanced filtering is (that is literally the first question of the survey).

    There is a small reward for your troubles at the end 🙂 
  15. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    2022 starts well. I like it.
  16. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Patch #400031 - 18 December 2021   
    Hey guys,
    We hoped the reason for the change would be obvious and not require an explanation.
    Short explanation: There is no reason for a stripper pole to be included in a game like this.
    Longer explanation: BattleForge already isn't very female friendly. The RTS genre is less popular among females in general but this game also uses the ''females armor has to be hot, not practical'' trope heavily. Quotes like ''my face is up here'' and ''I can feel you looking'' from Amazon also shows the old devs were aware and lean into this ''boys-club-vibe''. Cards like Twilight Hag and Girl Power are not helping in the image that the game is inclusive for all genders. Why is Twilight Hag on a stripper pole?.. She is a witch, she could easily have had a general description that she bewitches her enemies.
    The cards in question feel like mockery towards females, which is a clunky joke at best, and just rude at worst. BattleForge is an old game, and these cards would definitely not see the light of day in 2022, but even in its time frame it was already questionable. Over time, we have also received multiple comments about Twilight Hag and Girl Power, through for example our survey last summer. We feel those comments and complaints are legit, and want to take them seriously.
    So does this mean we are suddenly going to remove all references and things that might be considered offending? Of course not. But we do feel removing the worst offenders is worth it. Changing Girl Power is a lot trickier, but we plan to tackle it at some time in the future, for the reasons mentioned above.
    We figured changing the icon from Twilight Hag was an easy change that should not ran into any issues or discussions. 
  17. Majora liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Awesome community update, as always!
  18. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Dallarian in Official 2p rPvE Contest#2 The Bandit alliance - Difficulty 9 - UNTIL 31.01.2022   
    So now the only thing I have to do is to find a way for Lightblade to solo first camp and get T2? Interesting.
  19. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Minashigo Hiko in Official 2p rPvE Contest#2 The Bandit alliance - Difficulty 9 - UNTIL 31.01.2022   
    Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings.
    Welcome to the second official rPvE event!
    We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event!

    What kind of event will it be?
    rPvE/Battlegrounds 2player - Map of the Month - Difficulty 9
    For this challenge, we want to see your adaptability in unique situations.
    We are looking at the fastest time with only one rule: each player may only spawn one single unit with ground presence* through the whole run.

    So gather a team, polish your strategy and go for the fastest time!
    Special thanks to THE_BIG_WET for assisting us in this event.

    When will it start?
    We will be accepting entries starting 08.01.2022 00:00 CET.
    The event will run until the end of the month, to be specific: 31.01.2021 23:59 CET.
    You can send your replays through DM to me on Discord (Minashigo Hiko#1126) or through a PM to me on the forum (@Minashigo Hiko).

    How can I participate?
    You just have to send in your fastest replay, including the player names and your reached time [Note: Your entry has to be a victory]
    For example: "Hiko_Majora_Time_00h20m30s"

    You can send in your replays until the 31.01.2022. 
    You can find your replays here: Documents=>Battleforge=>replays

    Please note: 
    You are allowed to send in different replays, but only the fastest one will count. Meaning that if you compete with multiple teams, the team that has the best time will also be your personal best time. 

    What are the rules?
    The team with the fastest time wins. Each player may only spawn one single unit with ground presence throughout your whole run*. Only Map of the month Only Difficulty 9 Have fun! *FAQ / Questions you might have

    Sounds fun! What's the prize pool?
    The following prize pool will be adjusted according to the amount of participants.
    The prices are per person. If you compete with multiple teams, only your highest place will be rewarded :

    1st place                        10 general Booster packs
    2nd place                       9 general Booster packs
    3rd place                        8 general Booster packs
    4th-8th place                 5 general Booster packs
    9th-50% place               2 general Booster packs

    In conclusion
    This event focuses on your speed, teamwork and flexibility on this month rPvE 2p map.

    To summarize the event in simple steps:
    Look for a team. You can either do this below this topic, on Discord or Ingame. Come up with a strategy for your run. Follow the rules while being as fast as possible. Satisfied? Send the replay to me! (Minashigo Hiko#1126 on Discord) or PM your best replay to me (@Minashigo Hiko).
    When will we stream ?
    We will announce the winners on stream.
    Date: -To Be Scheduled-

    Future events
    If you are interested in helping with these kind of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out!
    Send me or @Metagross31 a PM on the forum, or direct message via Discord (Metagross31#1103, Minashigo Hiko#1126).
    We are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!
    We hope you have a lot of fun with this event. We are looking forward to seeing all your replays!
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Best regards,
    Skylords Reborn Team
  20. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Kiwibaum in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Ah new people coming to the lore discord already. Excellent! 🙂
  21. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Ninja edit: new rpve contest added! 
  22. Sanguiris liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Awesome community update, as always!
  23. Dutchy liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Greetings Skylords!

    Welcome to the first Community Update of 2022! We hope you had a blast playing Skylords Reborn in 2021 and hope you will continue to do so in this brand new year. Even though we just released a major content patch, there is already a lot of interesting things to talk about, so let's get started!

    • Yearly Recap 2021
    On the 17th of December we had our Anniversary Stream, celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Skylords Reborn. Sadly, something went wrong with the playback of the stream that we were not able to fix. Instead of doing a rerecording, we decided to record a recap of 2021 instead. 
    In this yearly recap video we go over everything that was added to the game in 2021. Use it as an easy catch-up or as an introduction video for your returning friends!

    A lot was added in the patch on the 18th, so we can understand you might have missed something in the overload of changes and new content. To make things a bit more easier for both current and new players, we have also collected information into a handy overview. 
    We grouped all the documents (deep dives, behind the scenes, PvP guide, etc.) we have released last year, and collected every community update thus far on a single page with highlights. Especially Community Update 16 went into all the changes added in the last major content patch. We hope this will make it easier for you to keep track of progress.
    • New Voicelines Implemented
    With some help from our friends in the C&C community, we were able to fix the issues we had with the sound converter needed to implement new voicelines into the game. We are happy to announce we added English* voicelines to Banzai Lord and Amii Paladins! 
    Banzai Lord is voiced by Dreamlord. We tried to create a character that is both sinister towards his enemies, and caring towards his birds. Because both Tortugun and Wasteland Terror (soon™) are non-humanoid, we hope he will give some flavor to the lategame of Bandits. 
    Amii Paladins is voiced by Rothriel. The Amii can go into multiple directions; they are full of energy as part of their elemental nature, a joyous unrestraint and/or an excess of emotion. At the same time they are a race still shrouded in mystery. We went with a serious and calm vibe for these Amii soldiers, and we plan to lean into the more energetic approach for Amii Phantom. 
    In the near future we plan to also add voicelines to Bandit Sniper, Dryad, Mountain Rowdy and Amii Phantom.
    Additionally, there are already plans for other cards that are currently without voicelines, like Bandit Lancer or Warlock. 
    *Adding voicelines is a ton of work, both for the voice actors and those implementing. Because of this, we currently are only able to provide voicelines in English. We have added these English voicelines into each version of the game, no matter what language you play it in. We would like your opinion on this. If you play the game on German, French or Russian would you prefer your cards to be without sound, or with English voicelines? Fill in the poll here. 
     If you want to help with the implementation of voicelines and have experience with video and audio, please check out our open position for Video Editor below. 
    • Creating New Lore and Campaign Maps
    We are excited to announce that we are planning on expanding the Skylords Reborn lore! This will include future story expansions as we work on adding new campaign maps and new in-game characters, as well as new Legends pages (for the Lore book).
    The initial goal is to add 5 new Legends pages for each faction, including the hybrid factions. Yet we cannot do this alone, so as part of this endeavor, we would like to invite anyone interested in the lore and in writing to join us in a new official Lore Taskforce server! Any member of the community will be able to submit proposals for new Legends which, if approved, will be included in the game. So if you have ever had a great story idea for your favorite unit, now is the time to put pen to paper and give it a try! Join the Lore Discord here.
    We will share more about our plans and progress for campaign maps at a later date. 
    • Advanced Filtering Survey
    In our last patch we added advanced filtering options, both for the inventory and the AH. We are curious if you are aware of it and/or use it. 
    To gather data and figure out how many of you are aware of the new options, we have created a very small survey. We hope you will take the time to fill it in. 
    You can find the survey here, it should only take a few minutes of your time. 

    • Pure Nature Rework
    After Pure Frost and Bandits, the balance team has now set its eyes on Pure Nature as the next faction to receive major changes. On the balance discord you can already see some of the proposals for multiple cards, ranging from Nerfs to Deep One and Energy Parasite, to buffs to Ghost Spears and the Root Network. Cards like Grove Spirit, Forest Elder, Mind Control, Abyssal Warder, Colossus and Grimvine are also being looked at. 
    The Root Network is an interesting yet complex Nature mechanic that is often misunderstood (and poorly explained by the game). Some of the ideas currently being discussed are changing Thornbark to count as multiple entities for the Root Network and reduced power costs for cards like Spikeroot and Treespirit. After the changes are a bit more fleshed out, we plan to provide you with another Deep Dive document, going into what makes Nature tick, its strength and weaknesses, and how we plan to tackle them. 
    Alongside changes to Nature, we are also going to test out a couple of nerfs and buffs on the test server in the near future. Some of the cards that are currently being looked at are Nightguard, Executor, Phalanx, Ice Guardian, Warlock, Stoneshards and Twilight Minions. 
    You can find all our current idea's and join the discussion on our Balance Discord. 
    • Update to Skylords Marketplace Journal 
    Maze has been hard at work and released a new version of the website Skylords Marketplace Journal. On this website you can easily track prizes of cards. The redesigned site is now at a stage of development where he felt it is viable enough to replace the old version, which broke with the anniversary patch. The old version is and will probably stay available, but it won't receive any more updates. It can still be found here.
    There are a bunch of exciting features in the new website, including a larger variety of filters, more price details for each card, general card info and other interesting QoL features. You can even find the average value of the reforged card when destroying 4 of the same card and on what map you can find the upgrade for the card. 
    Read up all about the changes, or go directly to the new website here. 

    Maze is not the only one who provides market statistics through his website however. Some of you might be aware of the Auction House Archives, created by DraginMaster. The goal of this site is to track each card's journey through the in-game auction house and beyond. Since it tracks each individual auction, it can deduce when a card has sold in the auction house and for how much. More information can be found here. 
    • Update to the Stats Website 
    The Skylords Reborn Stats website also received an overhaul. Here you can find interesting and up-to-date stats from Skylords Reborn, like current number of players online and running matches, but also fun stats like unopened boosters. It now also contains Auctions and Leaderboards!

    • Tournaments
    • NEW: Official 2p rPvE Contest#2: The Bandit alliance UNTIL 31.01.2022
    For this challenge, we want to see your adaptability in unique situations.
    We are looking at the fastest time with only one rule: each player may only spawn one single unit with ground presence through the whole run!

    • FINISHED: Official PvE Contest#4: Winter is coming
    The fourth official PvE contest has ended, and the winners were revealed in a stream you can rewatch on our Twitch channel. 

    • FINISHED: CCC #1 Hunt Down The Stragglers
    Kapo took the initiative to host the first in a series of ''Crappy Community Contests'' This and future CCCs are meant to be super-small-scale contests with weird challenges, hopefully luring you away from well-trodden paths. They are small scale on the organizers side too: there is no stream, video or event announcing the winners. Because of this, the entry barrier was low, and this resulted in 130 players participating! 
    • Host your own event / tournament
    Want to host a tournament or event? Please reach out to our Event Organizers Hiko and/or Metagross to have your event prizes sponsored by us. If you have a cool idea for a PvE event, or want to host a PvP tournament, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we will gladly assist you. 
    • We need your help!
    We are in dire need of a Marketeer / Outreach Coordinator!
    As you are probably aware, Skylords Reborn does currently not have anyone who helps actively promoting the game. We would love to promote and increase the player base for Skylords Reborn. To do so, we have two open positions. If you have the time and the required skills to help, please consider having a chat with us. We would love to get help in these area's!
    Open Position - Video Editor
    As a video editor you are responsible for creating exciting video content for Skylords Reborn. This can range from short card reveal videos to exciting trailers and cutting up Twitch-stream content for highlight videos on our Youtube channel. If you have any experience with audio post production, you can also help us out with the process of adding new voice-lines and sound effects into the game. Click here to read more and apply.

    Open Position - Marketeer / Outreach Coordinator
    As a Marketeer / Outreach Coordinator you are responsible to spread the word and create awareness about Skylords Reborn and to attract veteran and new players alike. This includes actively researching and reaching out to potentially interested streamers, youtubers, Discord channels, game magazines, among others. You will be responsible for the communication to and from interested parties and for any promotion deals (for example involving scratch codes). Please note that Skylords Reborn cannot do any paid promotions. Click here to read more and apply.
    • Team changes / Open Position
    The position for  Community Manager has opened up, which might come as a bit of as surprise. Over the past 10 months I have been in charge of bringing all of you these community updates and enjoy doing so. However, I have taken on more and more tasks lately, resulting in a shift to a new role; Project Coordinator. In this role I will put a bigger focus on streamlining our workflow and planning of patches. Because of this, we are now looking for someone who can help with some of my previous responsibilities. If you are interested, please check out the description below. 
    Open Position - Community Manager
    As a community manager you are responsible with aiding the communication to and from the community. You will work closely with the Project Coordinator (previously Community Manager) to communicate staff and project decisions to the community through, for example, The Community Updates and self-written announcements. Furthermore, you will act as a contact person for the community to share project feedback and suggestions and are expected to keep the staff informed and be up-to-date with the state of the community. Click here to read more and apply.
    • In Conclusion
    And that's it for this Community Update, thanks for reading! 
    As is tradition, this community update comes with a scratch code. 
    The code will reward you with a mini-booster: COMM-UNIT-YNEW-S17B
    The code is valid till January 29th, when we will bring you another Community Update. 
    Please keep in mind that the 100BFP discount on all boosters is still valid until January 18th. 
    As always, we are open to feedback so please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments! 

    • Overview Community Updates
    • Community Update #16
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