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  1. Those new voice lines sound so good! Keep up he great work!
  2. Awesome community update, as always!
  3. Hello @BRANROSES Please keep the Forum in English. If your English is not that great, please use a translator like DeepL: https://www.deepl.com/translator As for your question, You played the game in beta. Last year, the game has been fully released, and with that we wiped everyone's accounts for a clean start. It is not possible to retrieve cards, bfp, etc from before the wipe. Since then we have added many new features to the game like quests, achievements, reforge and more. All of these will help you progress further. We hope you will give the game another chance. Best regards,
  4. First I got to complete my current series as I imagined that this video series would be very boring to watch ( and do) as it relies heavily on waiting for charges
  5. I really like this idea. Maybe add like a "?" in a corner to hover and see the upgrades available. Until that is a reality (if it will) you can always type !upgarde in the discord and you will get a list on which upgrade drops from which campaign map.
  6. Since the music was not really to your taste. I would like your opinion on the songs in the following video, are there any good ones to use? if so, which ones do you like the most?
  7. In my opinion it does not make sense that 1 map has a skip function and the other's do not. For example, on Mo, when you arrive in the top right, there is also a dialog. For speed reasons (and maybe others), many would want to skip that as well. If there would be a "skip" button implemented, I would love to see it done in every case, not just one.
  8. My first ever YouTube video is online now and I am searching for feedback. If you have any, please send them to me in any way so I can improve my future content. I plan on doing this style of videos for each map on expert for newer people to complete certain maps.
  9. What are your new year resolutions for Skylords Reborn this year? Mine would be to be faster in certain maps.
  10. Hello @Owedevil, You can change your forum name via here: Your ingame name can only be changed by a moderator. For this you can make a ticket on the discord.
  11. Hello everyone As the title suggests, I would like to try to accomplish the tutorial deck challenge. For those unfamiliar, the tutorial deck challenge is about completing all expert maps with an upgraded tutorial deck. I think the main challenge of the maps will be the charges. Since I will have only limited time, and I do not want the people watching to wait for charge cooldown, I though I might make my own tutorial deck of 7 cards. I am going to stream my first attempts in the week between Christmas and New Years. Afterwards I will upload the successful runs on YouTu
  12. Next tournament I'll bust out my new Bandit brew. Everyone better prepare!
  13. Hello @Glurak Please create a ticket on discord via #contact-staff. Also, the forum and discord is only in English. Best regards, Dutchy
  14. Hey, fire/frost will not be any time soon due to technical restrains. also, there is a mistake in your beautiful graph
  15. Hey @Protaygo Do you mean something like this? https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Skylords_Reborn
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