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  1. edit: disregard this. I was very wrong. Damage-wise, purple Nightguard is 10% more efficient than Nox (11/power vs 10/power) and has 5 aoe. Nox have 17% more healt per power (7.7/power vs 9/power) and counter Ice Guardian. I would argue that purple nightguard are better than nox againt frost with the following statements: Damage is more important than healt, because you want to kill as many MA as possible before your opponent cast Home Soil and Wintertide. MA are often clumped together making 5 aoe quite useful. Ice Guardian should be ignored, by microing your
  2. WIP. Only T1 and some T2 for now. T1 Purple Nightguard can help, if you have trouble against Master Archer spam. Skeleton Warriors are useful against shadow and fire T1 due to them not having a small counter that isn't medium size. After activating their ability they have 1332 effective hp. Phase Tower is extremely powerful against nature T1. Swiftclaw or Amazon as your main swift unit. Windweavers or Treespirit as your main ranged dps. Firesworn is still somewhat useful in t2 as large counter
  3. In lol, the matchmaking system isn't random. Those who lose a lot of games play with those that have a similar win rate. If you have a ~50% win rate you will likely never see it. I propose this system for the BFP reward. It's a more elaborate version of what I said earlier. "Earning BFP for completing a map." (the numbers would preferably vary based on the average game time of a map(e.g. the BFP cap would be bigger in 2v2 than 1v1 as 2v2 tend to last longer.)): A minimum amount of BFP earned. So that short pvp game and speed running isn't penalised.A linear increase in the BFP reward. So that
  4. If I may put my two cents in, people are going to trade win and multi-accounting to make the most out of their time. This remind me a bit of league of legends where the best way to farm IP (the equivalent to BFP) is to intentionally feed the opponent then afk in the jungle in hope that they end the game within 7-8 min. I expect those who do that to get burnout of league of legends pretty fast. How about simply earning BFP for completing a pvp or pve map. That way multi-accounting or win trading isn't the best way to earn bf and you get to do whatever you enjoy the most at the same time, becaus
  5. Ladadoos, check the 4th image. This is what I did. .
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