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  1. Nom

    3 - Card bugs (collection of bugs)

    NAME: Rootnetwork doesn't provide buffs properly SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: first experienced in 'Encounters With Twilight'; reproduced in the forge REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: I had Sylvan Gate (red affinity) build into a rootnetwork with Treespirit and Spore Launcher. As seen in the screenshots below the Spore Launcher got the 25% buff to it's damage whereas the Treespirit didn't. I tested the Treespirits damage against bandits in the forge. It (always) dealt the exact same amount of damage to the enemy unit with and without Sylvan Gate, therefore a visual bug is out of question. SCREENSHOTS:
  2. Nom

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    Thank you for your help but I tried everything they mentioned on their page. Still I have not received anything from them. I did not right them either because it's just a game I wanted to try for fun. I don't care too much about it
  3. Nom

    Anyone playing MMORPG´s ?

    I installed GW2 but i don't receive the mail to verify my e-mail-address, so I am unable to play unfortunately
  4. Nom

    When is your Birthday?

    Yay, I can be the 1st in December
  5. Nom

    Opening Tournament

    this will be the best game-launche ever! would like to sign up for 1v1 aswell as 2v2 but my partner isn't registered on the forum yet

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