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  1. Well on PvE I used to use pure nature or nature/frost, but on PvP always used my nature/frost u-u mostly 'cause of the regenerating I could do in nature(nature mostly used spell cards) and in frost 'cause I could frozen the enemies and do so much damage on them u-u
  2. Piicaratos

    Best Card(s)?

    The cards I had that were the best for me were Grimvine and Primeval Watcher, even though my Promo cards(that I did) were on Colossus and on Thunderstorm u-u
  3. Piicaratos

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    My first favorite second orb card were Parasite Warm, it was really cool, large unites and with great power of destruction My second favorite were Energy Parasite(mostly used to PvP) you could get energy team easily with that card My third favorite were parasite, if you managed how to use this card, it would defeat and entire army easily though u-u I only like nature cards e-e since my first deck were pure nature ><'

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