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  1. win 32 bit

    so as i understood is that the game will need win 64 bit that means that it wont work on 32bit ???
  2. Who is around my age or older?

    am 19
  3. this project really learned me how to be patient  i followed the project since the beginning but i cant wait anymore :( 

    1. Ultrakool


      It would be a shame to give it up after waiting so long :( 

  4. rate the map desigen

    nah it wasnt
  5. extra cards for the new players

    okay as we all know after a while in the game a lot of us will have so much extra cards like 6 frost mage and so on so i tho that we need to make like new players competion made by the older players in which we can give our extra free cards as a gifts
  6. lol i got the old bf hack where u can land any care without power use or limit :D


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    2. Haru


      But can you do this?


    3. sylvix95


      Those kinds of things are why the game died, this and the sometimes salty community.

    4. Fauchderial


      sometimes too much salty... yeah... in my case this is what happen with my RNG o/

  7. rate the map desigen

    yo thanks dat give ma an idea actualy
  8. rate the map desigen

    umm from the map editor tortorial he used ps to design the map clifs and the rest of the stuff
  9. 1 player pve map final step

    okay so this is the last thing i have made still have to script which is hard for me couldnt put much things in the nature village duo to the error i get (rate the map plz)
  10. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    i would like to play again even before open beta:D
  11. the game market

    okay so as i read the auction house will start with a priced cards by the project team so when i asked my brother he is marketing student he said that this is bad and that the market will be stable by itself after a short time on the other hand making a certain card prices may low some cards prices or worse that a rare cards prices may fall so i wanna know if this might happen
  12. rate the map desigen

    thx man i started using map editor like for 2 days and i watched the guide vid but i caouldnt use photoshop so i mad that all manualy i cant even script i just make the map and the orbs in addition to the monsters but i cant comand them 2 move u know
  13. rate the map desigen

    yea i will add a lot of things later
  14. Are they going to have merch or smthing?

    this didnt work with the EA so i dont think so
  15. rate the map desigen

    the paint sucks but idk how the map looked good like this