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  1. Will we have 2 shut dowen the server if some one wanted 2 buy the game from the EA or there will be 2 game servers
  2. What if we made new world and new maps

    but if we didnt do any new maps the game will fall because there will be no new things 2 arouse the enjoyment in the player its the old bf we love but new things such as new maps and new world is needed
  3. What if we made contest were we make story complets battle forge one and with this story we build new maps and new world on it so the pve games become better with more hard Missons and we build this stories on the maps we want 2 make so the the pve gets better and in the same time we didnt leave the game with the old maps only
  4. Middle East players

    Will we be able to connect the private server ir no cauz I saw many topics said that only Europe can play because the team dont have the ability 2 reach us
  5. Why alpha now

    As I can see in the progress that thr team didnt finish any kind of maps 2 play so if u are testing the mail and the forge I think it wont be so much usefull so I wonder why no alpha after finishing the system al of it
  6. The daily reward

    as mrxlink said it will be only 3 quests so making 3 quest s per account wont be so hard
  7. The daily reward

    But the project team said that cards will be only owned by bfp so bfp is more important than gold with is gaind by the game play dude havein upgrade without card useless than hhaving the cards and upgrad it slowly
  8. The daily reward

    okay but there is 60% of the rewards buy quest normal quest so I can ignore the play time quest and make as I said
  9. The daily reward

    I wanna ask if bfp earnd buy playing games or opening the game for time wont it be easy 2 make 2 or 3 account when I finish my quest I open the other one and send the bfp at last so I think its some kind broken way 2 reward
  10. I think if the development stoped after opining the game its just wipp be like the EA no new cards no new maps same every thing so I think u should make a good story like the world of battle for have landed on the earth and sky lords should discover dat as new maps make events every week don't make player get bored thinkng that the game fun will stop if I bought all game cards
  11. Old bf folder

    But would thay make dat small luncher as a dowenload link beside the full file
  12. Old bf folder

    Can u guys make an patch or somthing I still have the old bf folder on my pc so I I wanna know if that is going 2 help or somthing
  13. Τournaments Organization

    I think useing ultra cards as prize will be great there is no need 2 purchase or bf point so much in that server cauz most of us wont do it cauz they are afraid of turning off the server in another time
  14. New maps

    Working on new maps after opining the game will be so great cauz we all know how the old maps look like creat anew story plus thw old one t will help so much 2 develop the game and make more viewers on it and ibwish u guyz all luck