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  1. well am okay with waiting but still feels bad  anyway i love this team and the game i will keep waiting 

  2. so as i understood is that the game will need win 64 bit that means that it wont work on 32bit ???
  3. this project really learned me how to be patient  i followed the project since the beginning but i cant wait anymore :( 

    1. Ultrakool


      It would be a shame to give it up after waiting so long :( 

  4. lol i got the old bf hack where u can land any care without power use or limit :D


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    2. Haru


      But can you do this?


    3. sylvix95


      Those kinds of things are why the game died, this and the sometimes salty community.

    4. Fauchderial


      sometimes too much salty... yeah... in my case this is what happen with my RNG o/

  5. i am a physical therapy student
  6. fuck lol every time i play league i am like okay fuck this game finaly bf gone open again 

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    2. VeriiMoney


      i say the same. i was dia 2 last season. and now i startet in plat 5.. gg wp 

    3. Deadman


      @anonyme0273 Can't uninstall it, if you never install it 


    4. Djpingu


      same feeling bro

  7. this is great it will give more fun into the game thx for hard working
  8. i cant believe we got that far :D

  9. its okay i have been waiting for 2 long 1 or 2 month wont be problem and ofc exams are important #take care of ur health m8
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