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  1. Dude u made my day its fck working ! I was missing this game so much. I left the solution to the problem in my 1st post
  2. -Updated daemon lite tools to the newest version -Tried to extract gamefiles before luncher -disabled my card driver -update my card driver -Redownloaded all files and extract them again Added to list of things I did to solve the problem. Its still not working. crashdata.mdmp
  3. Same here. I posted topic about it and guess what ? 3 days passed and there is no solution
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  5. I dont want to be rude but do u really think i have not used links provided by skylords forum
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  7. Its not working but thx for your effort
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  9. Hello everyone. Problem is that after lunching Skylordsupdater.exe and clicking play button something is killing BF process. No error message literally nothing. I readed few topics with same problem but i find no answer. So here I m searching for help. I want to play so badly this the game of my childhood and i loved it back then please help me. Things I Tried: -Starting as administrator (UAC,SLU,BF) -Downloading gamefiles from both sources even from my friend(its working for him) -Offing both windows defender and firewall before extracting files -Whitelisting all the files (26 off them including folder) -Starting Skylordsupdater before extracting game files and do it again after extracting game files in to the folder -Starting UAC before extracting game files and after -Updating my direct X12 and downloading previous version 10,9 -Force my game into direct 9 mode -Deleting BattleForge folder in my documents section -change resolution of the game and lot more in config.xml -deleting my antivirus ( Im using antimalwarebytes) -Whitelistingin my antivirus -Tring all shit in properties on both BF.exe and SLU.exe -Tring same with UAC -Starting the game by BF.exe -Starting Luncher.exe -Downloading Visual C++ -Checking my card drivers Things that bother me: 1.) After starting UAC.exe cmd is showing for 1-2s and nothing happens. (Sould it works this way ?) 2.) Luncher.exe is only showing whitewindow and nothing happens. (same ^) 3.) After extracting files and update by SLU.exe there are 28 files and 4 folders in my Skylords Folder (same for everyone?) 4.) Im using win10 64 pro and all files in my documents section are read only my friend said that this is normal for win 10 and i can freely edit all the files. To be sure i asked him if we can change it and he did some magic in cmd saying it should solve the problem but files are still read only i cant change it in properties. Stupid Question anserws: -Yes. both Luncher and game files are same folder -Yes. I m starting the game with SkylordsReborn.exe -Yes. My windows defender and firewall are still offed and everysingle file is whitelisted My PC: System: Windows 10 64 pro Motherboard: msi 370 craitgaming Graphic card: msi gtx 1080 Procesor: i7 8700k coffelake ram: 8GB ddr4 from godram memory: ssd godram IRDM pro 240GB SOLUTION (at least for me) Game wasn't starting because of daemon lite tools or lack of space on my "C". I prepared some space and extracted files with winrar and it is working now. I was instaling the game on D partition because my C partition is mainly for system purposes and because winrar was forcing game files on to C partition i was using daemon lite tools.
  10. Lemonti

    Game won´t start after play

    Come on guys u want to play so badly ... help me plz
  11. Lemonti

    Game won´t start after play

  12. Lemonti

    Game won´t start after play

    I m doing so ... I m just to lazy to type "SkylordsRebornUpdater" so im calling it luncher.
  13. Lemonti

    Game won´t start after play

    Didn't help for me i deleted all the files, extract luncher, start it. it showed following error "U need gamefiles to be in the same folder" (something like that) than i copied all game files to bf folder and start luncher again clicked play and nothing happend. Im losing hope
  14. Lemonti

    Game won´t start after play

    Still nothing ? I have same issue... After starting luncher and smash that play button something is killing bf process(process appear than something is stoping it and process vanish)... I tried absolutly everything step by step. I m running on win 10 Pro 64 and my pc spec are: Processor -Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @3.70 GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.7GHz Ram -8192 MB RAM DDR 4 by godram Graphic -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Motherboard - Z370 craitgaming

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