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  1. I have the "disconnected from server" problem like most of u here. these last days ive been trying to enter the game with it DCing me each time i entered. today though i was able to enter the game and play a single match after i got DCed again. So as i see it the game works it just aint stable enough yet. so all u that havent been able to play yet just keep trying and ull get lucky and be able to play for the short duration it lasts. ))))
  2. I followed all the instructions on how to run the game like the client, the update and all of that stuff. when i launch the new launcher and try to login I get 1 of 2 errors either that my account is not activated. ( which i think is cause im not getting any email.) and the second one is that there are too many players on server. Yesterday I was able to login create an avatar and name but right after that i got an error that said i lost connection to the server. ( i dont have a image for that one.) I dont know if this is a real error or just overcrowding, but though id let u guys know.
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