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  1. Depends on how developement progresses. Right now PvP isn't available, so I will just be able to make PvE videos or chose files from my replay folder and cast them. Once everything is fininshed I can give you a time when I stream (Otherwise all streams will be uploaded on youtube anyways, if anyone is interested to rewatch them)
  2. Time to promote myself https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rZG7pzo3GYO0wR3Jx9F7w https://m.twitch.tv/radicalx5/profile I used to be one of the highest rated PvP players in the game, so the majority of my content will be PvP based (I'll upload some PvE occasionaly too). I'm always trying to make my videos a little bit more educational, so if you are looking to improve your PvP skills, you will find some (hopefully valuable) information to do so. I will start streaming on a more regular base when ranked PvP is working properly!
  3. I think a character limitation would be a more useful way to deal with this problem. -> Having just 2-3 characters on a single account wouldn't affect the low elo experience, because really good players will run through the lower elo range in less than 2 days -> multiple characters will allow people to play more than just one deck which would lead to more diversity in PvP (otherwise almost everyone will just play meta decks) -> it helps people to deal with ranked anxiety (especially in a small community, where people remember your name once you've reached a certain le
  4. Nature does stand a chance against Shadow when it comes to the late game, but it still starts in T1, where Shadow for instance completely outclasses nature. Nature has slow and expensive T1 units, which can be abused heavily once you've learned how to deal with it. The last time I've lost a 1v1 against a nature player with a different T1 was in 2010 or maybe even 2009. Split attacks and early pressure are more than enough to decide the game. Shadow Mage with Nether Warp is hard to deal with in the early T2 stage due to the healing bug which extends the healing power from 200 to nearly 1000, th
  5. I guess my response is a little bit late, sorry for that ^^ In a different environment (tournaments, sparring games) you have alot of variety in terms of deck choice, to add some special counter cards (One of the most obvious examples would be something like global warming against pure Frost), but for classic ranked games you want to have a deck, that is solid against every color (or at least the popular meta decks). This sort of makes some decks superior due to their consistency or their special strength against popular decks like pure Fire or Shadow Frost. Sure, skill is definitely the
  6. - Added some additional information about Thugs - Went a little bit more in depth on some map descriptions I will go and look through my replay folder soon to get some replays that showcase some of the things I tried to describe. I will expand this guide on a regular base if I get more useful information or ways to explain how to share some of my knowledge about the game. Also my nature T1 guide will be finished soon! I hope you'll like it!
  7. wow I'm impressed, you actually played better when you were really drunk That's what I'd call highranked-skill!!!
  8. had multiple reasons for it -> had 1 account for each color to get practice with every deck -> made accounts due to the fact, that my internet connection used to be horrible and losing 1.000 base elo for random disconnects was pretty frustrating -> some people in the upper ranks (especially in 2v2) were afraid to play against better players and it was a pleasure to snipe these people with unknown accounts -> won too many bfp through tournaments
  9. My old name was RadicalX. What a big surprise ... I had 26 other accounts in the upper ranks though, but I don't even remember all the names so let's keep it with my main account
  10. Fair enough. Alot of people, especially freemka, tend to get greedy with powerwells, because Frost actually wants to get them in the matchups against Fire and Shadow. Just something I want to add here: Actually it is possible to stack up mages in a defensive position by using the hold position command. Just keeping that formation to a point where the actual number gets overwhelming is hard to deal with
  11. If I had to make a ranking for the strength of every deck it would be probably something like this: Low Tier decks (you can still reach Prime with them, but the best players will abuse the sh*t out of you) 10. Bandits - No Crowd control - Awful matchups against most meta decks - worst defensive capabilities out of all decks Average Tier decks (mostly with some massive strengths, but without being well rounded) 9. Pure Nature - No reliable M Counter - weak defensive capabilities - Nature T1 can get abused by stuff like Phasetower
  12. Here comes my first question about this. Why would you even grab a well in this matchup? Frost doesn't need a powerwell when relying on Frostmages only. That would be a huge mistake already, especially on small maps and I agree with you, if your opponent does this massive mistake you can attack him by using your swiftclaws & win that battle by using superior micromanagement. fully agree with that So what happens if your opponent doesn't do the mistake to mess up his mage formation and give you the opportunities to pick off mages with roots? I mean, I really get your
  13. Okay, I just made a PvE video, should be uploaded in about 2 hours I also would love to play T3 and also got so many different ideas (Corsair ). But for some reason most players in the beta tend to play very microintensive decks with huge snowballpotential instead of something like a good old dirty shadow frost deck. Therefore games tend to end much earlier, because mistakes with these aggressive decks are way more punishable. Yeah, playing Shadow Frost with Phasetower and Grigori ._. I feel like the actual challenge is the fact, that I don't want to play this type
  14. Thanks for your reply, I can definitely do some videos where I explain general terms & basics of the game or some more beginner oriented stuff in general! I really like that idea. Got some PvE replays of some cheesy expert solo runs in my folder, could definitely upload some of them! I can look for some good pure Frost matches; pure Nature may be a little bit more difficult, because the majority of players in the beta are pretty unexperienced against nature T1, therefore games end before they reach the T2 stage, but I'll try to search for some good games (got over
  15. Hey everyone, RadicalX here! Some of you may already know, that I try to provide as much Battleforge gameplay content as possible and since I'd like to know what you'd like to see I decided to make this thread here. So this is the stuff I wanted to upload on YouTube anyways: -> Some of my best PvP matches (either the closest or clean ones, depends) -> Recent streams with actual gameplay (PvP & maybe some PvE too) -> Replay Reviews from 2013-games (Analyzing either old top level PvP matches or some crazy games in general as long as I have enough re
  16. I can show you a game between Hirooo and Aragorn if you're interested. Aragorn loses in 2 minutes with treespirits AND primal defender in his deck x) -> Phasetower has a higher stat/cost efficency compared to Treespirits and also better stats than most T2 units -> Treespirt (green) doesn't apply the poison against buildings; the purple affinity actually doesn't just avoid buffs, but also debuffs, which is absolutely awful against the teleport ability -> Phasetower outranges Treespirits (repositioning takes alot of time for them and they are probably nearly dead before
  17. That hirooo quote though ... The deck you are talking about is primarely built around Shadow Insect (which is required to make the card effective). The combined Abilities of Fallen Skyelf & Shadow Insect create enough burst damage to oneshot L units like Virtuosu and also motivated Shadow Insects can apply a good amount of pressure at multiple bases. You can play cards like Cultist Master to make sure enough corpses are around, so your Shadow Insect is capable of using its ability multiple times. Super fun to play and really rewards good micro (probably one of the hardest T3's to play
  18. As I already stated (and some people already gave an answer in this thread) Thugs are good in mid fights with alot of dazed units and also decent at choke points, but unless you play a very T1 realiant deck (aka pure Fire) it's not necessary to include them, because you can win every single matchup without them and use the deckslot to create a much more powerful and versitile T2 or T3. They don't really shift any matchup massively into Fire's favour and are useless against Frost & Nature T1. They are strong without any question, but great micro management can make them unnecessary.
  19. The left one is up to date, the right one shows the values from 2009. Okay, great! Skjal used to be a PvP map, but isn't part of the game anymore because it was poorly designed.
  20. The wiki looks good! The major mistakes that should be changed though: http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Power -> Each power well grants 1 per per 2 seconds; wells supply a maximum amount of power ranging from 300, 600, 900, 1200 and 1500; the last value in the power table is not correct http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Monuments_%26_Orbs -> If you destroy an orb before it's complete only 75 power get refunded, not the entire amount http://skylords-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Player_vs_Player_(PvP) -> Skjal isn't part of the PvP map pool (http://sky
  21. happened to me in Introduction aswell Edit: Even without getting any rewards the game seems to count as a win though. The matches still get included into the speedrun lists.
  22. NAME: No upgrades received if 1 player crashes at the end of the game SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Post-Game screen (screen with upgrades, statistics and gold after winning a match) REPRODUCIBILITY: 2/2 DESCRIPTION: After playing some PvE maps with @Ladadoos we had 2 games, where he ended up crashing, while I got into the post game screen without receiving any upgrades, xp or gold for winning. ADDITIONAL INFO: Selected reward distribution mode was "Assigned" and it's definitely not the bug, where you just had to switch between loot and statistics to see the upgrades. SC
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