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    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    I started playing this beautiful game about 6 maybe 7 years ago when a friend showed me a video about it on YouTube. At the time we were really into Battlefield Heroes, wich was also published by EA so it was pretty easy to just hop on to another one of their f2p games. Turns out I liked battleforge a lot more than Battlefield Heroes! It wasn't really pay to win since I had a few nice decks that served me well to play battlegrounds. We had a blast playing it all and mostly enjoyed playing battlegrounds, even though we were stuck at level 9 (10 was crazy). We also enjoyed pvp from time to time, I started watching FarockBF on YouTube to get better and tried out a few strats shown on the replays he commentated. After 3 years of playing I found SMITE and moved on to that game because all my friends moved to it and no one likes being left alone It was around this time that I made a decision that I regret to this day...I found out about bf shutting down and didn't play it, not even on the last day, because I was too hooked on SMITE. A day after it shut down I was really sad, cause I thought I blew my only chance to play one of my all time favourites for the last time. A year or 2 passed by and I suddenly got the urge to play it agian, so I started looking online for news on the topic, first thing I found was a project about completely remaking the game with similar characters, maps, etc... it certainly had my attention but I knew that this would take a lot of time if it would be completed at all so I continued searching the web for a light that would brighten my day. You guys were that light, I found the project called Battleforge Reborn and I was completely hooked from the start, I knew that this would be very hard, but I was also very happy with the thought of playing Battleforge again. Since that day I watched every stream live and almost every day I check the forums for an update. I don't care how long it takes you guys to do this, but you have all my support and I will always be grateful for giving me, my friends and the entire Battleforge fanbase a second chance at playing this gem! Thanks for reading and sorry for the potato sentences
  2. Smoofler

    I Love PVE :)

    I loved playing level 9 battlegrounds with friends and creating special strats and decks, I just never got bored of it. Also loved playing 3v3 PVP once it launched although PVP really wasn't my jam.
  3. Smoofler

    Introducing Inwutsch, our new developer !

    Great to finally have another update! Hope the game will make some more progress soon
  4. Smoofler

    Please keep us informed

    It would indeed be nice to know something more about the progress the devs are making, but I am already quite happy that they are atleast trying to revive the game I love and think that we should keep motivating them with our support! The community supports you!

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