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  1. Could you upload your log file when it happens so the devs can fix it? You can find it in my documents\battleforge\diag\ 

    log.txt and _launcher_log_2019.xx.xx_xxx.log

  2. 31 minutes ago, wanky said:

    7.46.0 in KotG, at this time our team beat as first all 4player maps from the old forge. ^^

    Actually you are not the first to once have a record on all 4p maps, maybe the first team with the same 4 players though. Congrats with this milestone. 

    12 minutes ago, Pritstift said:

    Job done - time for pension. Just one two-player map is left O.o.. Time for reset GG:hypetrain:

    I think you are not counting correctly. Insane God and Nightmare end? 

    And of course you still have a challenge of beating all current records. 

  3. Did you place the launcher into the directory where you place the battleforge client? If so could you make a screenshot of all the files in that dir so we can see what files are missing?

  4. I think this bug also happened sometimes when there were a couple players in a group who already played a map together and than the leader invites someone else for a next game. Only the new person will see the old lobby. Not sure how to reproduce this exactly though. 

    Need to test if it happens when the lobby was created while the new person was still finishing up his own game or when he was not yet online or something. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Albion said:

    While playing the game it freezes suddenly then catches up to where its supposed to be a couple of seconds later. this happens about every 5 - 6 seconds.

    everything is fine when i'm just messing around in the lobby but as soon as i enter any of the campaign missions it immediately starts again....

    how do i fix this.....  

    This is caused by a unstable / slow connection. Are you on a public/slow wifi for example or on a slow internet connection on the other side if the world (server is in EU)?

    I had the same when I tried to play on a hotel wifi, but at home it works fine. 

  6. On 9/15/2019 at 9:52 PM, LEBOVIN said:

    Why don't you add "Introduction" to the rankings aswell? It is featured in Rankings in the client. I believe it should be featured here aswell.

    Because the Introduction is not a normal map but just a tutorial in which you can only use the Tutorial deck and have to follow fixed instructions from Moon.

    In the old BF it was also excluded from the rankings (also ingame), Kubik just shows the rankings ingame now because it is possible.


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