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  1. I was under the assumption that you would not be able to choose which card would be created but that it would be a random card of that rarity.
    So yes people could buy cheap cards to convert them (which would lead to a rise of value of all (cheap) cards), but there would be only a small chance to get a valuable card from it and a bigger chance to have value lost (if you would get a 3bfp card back for example).

    Maybe having to convert 3 cards is not enough loss though, but what about 5, 10 or 20?

  2. 55 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    @MephistoRoss you probably miss the fact that LEBOVIN connected gold and BFP, so it can not be taken separatly in his system.

    I didn't miss the bfp->gold conversion point if you mean that, but it only works one direction so it is not a way to gain more bfp (only lose), so it doesnt affect the bfp income and thus can be treated separately from the bfp rewards. Not sure yet if I support the idea though.
    You would be right though if he had proposed that the conversion would also work in the other direction.

    55 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    for the points 3. and 4. this system give most value from quests, not a playtime, so missing a day is not a big deal. (missing 2 days already is).

    I understood that, but I dont think his proposal is enough to compensate (especialy when you miss multiple days in a row). I'd like to compensate a bit more but with the requirement that you have to play more on the day(s) that you do play. For example so that someone who plays only 2 days during a week for 4 hours a day earns only slightly less than someone who plays each day 1 hour during a week.
    And yes the current system compensates even less for this, so his idea is a step in the right direction, just not big enough to my personal liking. 

    55 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    6. and 7. all quests have time requirement

    Right, but for 6 the other time requirements are so low that they do not really matter (even for speedrunners) because you need a victory for the other pve quests.
    For 7, they could all be added in the description. I forgot about the pvp one, that should also be added in the description for sure.

    55 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    14. that point with current numbers and card rarrity/prices is totally broken :(

    This idea was suggested a couple times before and it is implemented in other games where it works fine I think (Hearthstone?).
    Maybe I am missing something, but what is so broken about it if we would implement it in Battleforge with current numbers according to you?

  3. 14 hours ago, LEBOVIN said:


    Thank you for writing this proposal, it really helps to see more idea's/opinions about how the reward system could work. I would like to encourage more players to create similar posts.

    As for my personal feedback on your proposal, I will walk through it point by point. As a general remark I think only point 4, 8 and 9 needs to be into account taken together (maybe place them next to eachother), the rest can be threated as separate suggestions.

    1. I heavily disagree with your statement that the market is extremely flooded with cards. Imo there are currently even way too less offers in the market to have stable prices. Some cards dont even have one offer from time to time. Nevertheless I agree that removing the daily booster is necessary for the new system. I would like to have some way to earn boosters though, like in the form of achievements.

    2. I agree to add more achievements. I also would like to encourange you to think about more quests that could be added as daily that are in line with the current ones (2xpve win, 3xpvp, 3x10min, 1xmultiplayer, 2xrpve win, 7xgoldchest) so it would be less of repeating the same thing. There also should be achievements for people with a lower level imo, but I agree that there also should be a focus on challenging people with more experience.

    3. Not really sure if this really adds anything since most of the daily quests already reward you for winning a match each day, but I dont really have problem with it either. Maybe if we have more diversity among daily quests this could be a thing. You are also talking about gold rewards here, lets focus on just the bfp rewards first and talk about gold rewards later (I agree that gold also needs rebalancing).

    4. I like the simplicity and the values seem to be ok on first glance. However this system is still just focussing on daily play. For the new system I really would like players to not feel 'forced' to play every single day to not miss out on a big part of the rewards. So for example I would like to bring closer the rewards you get by playing 7x1hour(each day) or by playing 2x4hours(2 days) for example. I know one of your point 9 is carrying over more daily quests to the next day, but I dont think that is enough and I would encourage you to also add something for it in the time rewards. For example a weekly factor.

    5. Ok, maybe a bit higher reward.

    6. I disagree, most of the quests are already a lot in favor of speedrunners because they have fast victories/runs, no need to compensate that group even more. Besides most maps are even not done in less than 10 minutes by the best speedrunners. Also by changing this the diversity of the already similar quests becomes even smaller and the '3x10minutes' quest would just become the same as playing the first 30 minutes of the time-based-reward of point 4.
    Btw, the current 'win 2xpve' quest doesnt have a time condition so is already in favor of speedrunners, so why do you propose to add it to this one (and not to the RPVE one)?

    7. Ok. I think the only quest that is not transparant/clear is the quest that says 'play 3 games'. So would changing that one to 'Play 3 games of at least 10 minutes each' be enough for changing the descriptions?

    8. See point 4 for my feedback. Afaik the reroll is already limited to once per day. 

    9. See point 4 for my feedback.

    10. This just seems like an extra achievement to me, but ok. I was thinking about (also) rewarding beginners with extra charges for the starting deck after first few games.

    11. This should be considered when talking about rebalancing gold. Not sure if there are players really interested in this though. Also note that gold and bfp have been separate currencies on purpose (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/).

    12. I agree to add more ways to spend gold, but I strongly disagree with this proposal. Like I stated in point 1 there are not many auctions for certain cards already, this will only lower it. I would be willing to consider something similar if it would be the buyer that would have to pay a gold 'fee' (to the server) for each card he buys instead of the seller, but I'd rather leave the auction house out of it. So I would like to promote using the auction house more, not demote. And of course the gold rewards should be balanced. 

    13. Not sure on what you want to base the gold cost exactly, but I dont think trading should be demoted either.

    14. Ok, only not sure about the last option yet. I would also add a gold fee for this btw, it would be a lot better gold sink than point 12 and 13 imo.

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  4. 11 minutes ago, MrSc0by said:

    My english is not the best
    If I want to log in, it says that my password is wrong. But that's not true


    On 1/10/2020 at 10:21 AM, Kubik said:

    for "some" people launcher crashes after returning "incorrect password" so after that you will get "connection failed" error each time.
    So after restarting the game and entering correct password first time it should work.


  5. 42 minutes ago, Yah-Kob said:

    Thanks for your input, it sounds like a fun deck. Which card is best to replace with Blaster Cannon In Level 10 in your opinion?

    Nether warp. Also if you have trouble to keep the Bloodhorn alive you could add life weaving (maybe instead of suppresion), but in general using his stampede ability will keep his health up enough.

  6. I like to use this deck:


    I like to use it because it is focussed on using mostly spells and only a few units. With Shine of Greed power comes back very fast, so even with one bloodhorn it is easy to nuke a base.

    For lvl10 add blaster cannon (r) to deal with air units.

  7. 6 hours ago, Darkuhn said:

    I have the same, my game started up. Plays for 5 min and then shut down. Sometimes immediately after login 

    What are your pc specs and do you get an error message when it shuts down? 

    Could you please post your log.txt and launcher log when that happens? You can find them in My documents\Battleforge\diag\. You may also send them directly to Kubik on discord. 


  8. I think you are confused on the goal of the test server lebovin. It is meant to test new features and bug fixes that have a big impact and might need some fine tuning before we bring it to the normal server. 

    It is not meant to split up the community so that people who want all cards/no progression always play on the test server. The community is small enough as it is, we don't want it to become even harder to find pvp matches/team mates.

    So we only advertise the test server when there is something to be tested. 

  9. 21 hours ago, verpeilt2018 said:

    a question

    king of giants expert solo

    how can the player with fastest time (9minutes...) he do that in this time when rogan after 8 minutes hes walk beginn?

    Rogan starts earlier when you have killed all walls. 

  10. Please send us logs and give tell us exact times when the freezes occur. Also make sure you are using a stable internet/wifi connection. I have played hundreds of games myself and I rarely encountered freezes in the past half year. So if they do happen to you, please give us more info so we can try to fix it (if the problem is server sided).

  11. The problem is that you won't sell the card if other people offer it cheaper. Extending the auction won't help in such cases, you will also need to lower the price a bit.

    I would prefer more something like having a button that puts the selected card up for auction at the lowest current buyout - 10bfp (and with the minimum bid 10 lower than that).

    And it would be even cooler if you also are able to update your current auction with this button (if nobody has bid on it), so that the button would do the same as cancelling the auction, retrieve the card from mail, lookup the lowest current buyout and put the card up for auction again (with longest duration). 


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