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  1. We introduced quests to gain bfp (since you can't buy them) and added some other small improvements like filter options for decks. But the base gameplay like cards and such still work the same. 

  2. Updated the first post with all maps as a separate .pak file. I also added a PvE_ or PvP_ prefix to the maps that didnt have one. Also updated to the last version of some maps.

  3. Currently there is a test server on which we test new features. On this server everyone has all cards so you could use it as your sandbox for now. 

    Instructions how to connect to the test server are on discord. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Halis said:

    Because MrXLinks system will give longer matches more BFP than multiple shorter matches with the same length

    Actually that is not true anymore (since last patch), the server calculates the bfp gain/reserve each minute now during matches. Nevertheless thanks for proposing your own system, will look into it.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, macabi said:

    Are we trying to encourage players to play once in every 3 days instead of every day?

    If you play every day 1 hour for 3 days, you still earn more than someone who plays once in 3 days (1200bfp vs 1000bfp). But maybe the difference should be a bit higher for more incentive to play every day. I wonder what other people think about this?

    The current system is highly favourable for players who play every day 30-60 minutes. But it is not really fair for players who cant play each day but play a longer time in the weekend, nor casual players who play every once in a while for a couple hours, nor players who play longer than 1 hour nor players who play less than 30 minutes. With the new system we are trying to balance it to be more fair for all categories of players, not just one. In your calculation you forgot the daily booster discount, so if you play exactly 1 hour each day you are reduced 100bfp if you buy a booster each day, but of course now there will also be incentive for you to play longer each day to earn more.

    Also note that as an addition to the new reward system we are planning to add more achievements that will let you earn rewards including bfp and boosters. That is why the 'average' of the new system might be a little lower than the current rewards, but the new achievements will compensate for that.

    If you have other ideas for the new reward system than the current proposal, we are very open to that, but please keep in mind other categories of players instead of just your own situation.

  6. 1 hour ago, macabi said:

    That is very bad IMO.

    Earning a booster is the most fun element of the reward system.

    You are basically replacing 30 minute quest that earns a free booster (worth 450 BFP) with 250 BFP reward for 60 minutes of game play. 

    You are making it harder to earn BFP/Boosters, so where is the fun in that?

    If a player doesn't want his earned booster, then he can sell/trade it at a discount (400+ BFP).

    I see players offering their boosters all the time.

    At the very least, booster cost should be lowered to 200 BFP.

    Not everyone likes to get a booster as reward because it is too RNG dependent. Many people always try to sell it indeed, but they cant always find a buyer. I've seen people who have over 100 unopened now. So we wanted people to have a choice what they get as reward: keep the bfp or buy a discounted booster (350bfp) once a day. 

    One of the problems of the current rewards is that people play 30 minutes to finish the quests and they complain they dont have any incentive to play that day anymore because they cant earn more bfp. This reward system always let you earn bfp, but it is more spread over time. So yes the first 30 minutes will let you earn less than the current rewards, but if you play longer you are able to earn even more than the current system. And to compensate casual players who don't play each day, quests (100%) and daily boost (60%) are carried over for up to 2 days. So you will be able to earn 1000bfp in only 1 hour when you didnt play the last 2 days. 

  7. 1 hour ago, SirDenis said:

    So... whats the total of bfp you can get a day from playing?

    The total bfp you can get with this system is dependent on several factors, like if you didnt play the day before.

    So if you didnt play 2 days before the specific day, you can get 550 from daily boost and 450 from quests (1000bfp) in total for 1 hour of playtime. After the first hour the reserve starts which is really depending on how much time you play exactly that day and the breaks inbetween. I would estimate about 350bfp in one day if you play really a lot (which I dont think many will reach in practice), so that would make about 1350bfp in total.

    1 hour ago, SirDenis said:

    To be honest playing 60 minutes a day in order to get a reward seems to be a lot for me. Since i play around 40 minutes and spend 10 in ah/trading.

    You dont need to play the full 60 minutes with this system to get a reward, if you play 40 minutes you will get the reward for the 40 minutes (unlike the current booster-quest where you get nothing if you play 29minutes). So 40 minutes playtime will let you drain 166bfp from the daily boost if nothing was carried over from previous days.

    1 hour ago, SirDenis said:

    I think you should make it si you can get a booster per day somehow. Otherwise the prices on cards will raise making them unnaccesible for new players (you can buy a shaman card in 2 days now, with the new system it will be 3 dayss)

    With these values you need to play 48 minutes to be able to buy a booster each day if nothing was carried over from previous days and you finish 2 quests in that time. The next day you would need to play even less because a part of the leftover daily-boost is transfered to the next day which let you drain the daily boost a bit faster.

    1 hour ago, SirDenis said:

    Also, you should do something about the cards that we dont need and have more than 3 of... most of them dont sell on ah and new players dont want them lol... is there a way that we van convert those into gold?

    Several suggestions like this have been made, but nothing concrete has been decided yet. It is not a priority right now but it will be on the agenda in the future for sure.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Rynkan said:

    I understand the changes, but shouldn't frequent play also be awarded somehow? My suggestion would be to maybe create a system of a daily login that awards you BF. Maybe make it give you 10-20 bf points on a daily basis (not a huge BF amount, cause the gap between frequent play and people that can't play frequently shouldn't be so huge)? 

    Frequent (daily) play is already rewarded with the daily boost. You get 250bfp daily if you play one hour while if you don't play  150bfp of it is stored for the next day (to a max of 550). So playing each day let's you earn 100bfp more than someone who skips a day. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, macabi said:

    It's true that players will try to play PvP just for the reward and quit as soon as they can.

    To counter that, you can set a minimum game play of 5 minute for 1v1, and 7 minutes for 2v2.

    Players won't last that long unless they actually play to win.

    That will make it even worse, players who just want the reward will just turtle themselves in with towers until they reached the time for the quest. Or they just keep running with one swift unit.


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