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  1. Could you give a little more information please? Because in my own experience the quest worked fine so far. 

    What kind of game did you play? How long was it approximately? Did you win/surrender/crash? 

    Note that there are extra conditions to the quests which you can see ingame when you hoover over the questionmark. For example a minimum match length when you loose. So if you just enter a match, spawn a couple cards and surrender, it is intended not to count. 

  2. We are looking into the possibility of removing the afk kick for single player games, but 5 min afk will mean losing the time based rewards like windhunter suggested. 

    For multi player games the kick won't be removed because we really want to discourage going afk there since you are also hindering other players and we want to prevent people from joining a game, go afk and let others do the work to profit gold/xp. 

    Since most games take only 15-20 minutes, 5 minutes is already a huge part of a game being away. So it won't be extended. 

  3. Nice work.

    One small suggestion: When looking at a card page, could you add the name of the card to the title of the page?

    So when you have multiple tabs open in your browser, you know which is which.


    Of course it would be even nicer if everyone could make his/her own list of cards to follow and view a summary of the list prices on one page. 

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  4. 15 hours ago, MeatyChi said:

    My display resolution is simply too big which makes the size of the UI buttons and text soooo small. I've set the resolution to the max setting

    I know it is not optimal, but try using a lower resolution ingame, for example 1080p if you have a 4k screen. This should make the buttons and text more readable. 

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