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  1. You need to install direct x 9: http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
  2. Did you only play with a pure nature deck the past couple weeks or is the achievement also stuck when you play with a Stonekin deck (so only nature and frost cards, but including at least 1 card of both factions)?
  3. We really need some more information to be able to help. When exactly do you get this error? Do you get it each time or only once? Could you provide the log file? Etc.
  4. When was the last time you played? Any chance this was before December 18?
  5. Please try using a VPN, for example the free service of protonVPN
  6. Seems like your windows username consists of unsupported characters which makes the game unable to open the file. Could you create a new windows user account with only latin characters and open the game when logged in with that user?
  7. You should be fine as long as one of the two don't gift a lot of cards/bfp to the other one.
  8. My mistake, 10:00 UTC is correct
  9. All daily's reset on a fixed time (10:00 UTC), so it is independent of when you completed them the previous day.
  10. Right now objectives dont reward XP by themselves, but we are definitely planning to add this later. It was not something that we removed, but something that was never added to the game yet.
  11. Could you give a little more information please? Because in my own experience the quest worked fine so far. What kind of game did you play? How long was it approximately? Did you win/surrender/crash? Note that there are extra conditions to the quests which you can see ingame when you hoover over the questionmark. For example a minimum match length when you loose. So if you just enter a match, spawn a couple cards and surrender, it is intended not to count.
  12. The alltime rankings doesn't update instantly, but only 1 time a day or with a server restart. Right now your game does show in the all time rankings for rpve 1p.
  13. There was a bug with the change of year. Devs are already on it to prevent it next year, but it looks like nothing can be done to correct it for this year.
  14. There was a bug with the change of year. Devs are already on it to prevent it next year, but it looks like nothing can be done to correct it for this year.
  15. The quest minimum difficulty is based on your pve rank. The higher rank you get, the higher difficulty the quest will be. However this is only a minimum, so completing the map on a higher difficulty is also allowed to complete the quest. The description will be changed to make this clear.
  16. We are planning to add more achievements, specially focused on mid-game and end-game. So it is good to make suggestions for them as all input we can get is appreciated. Please also consider achievements that are not just focused around individual cards as well.
  17. Right now it is technically not possible because of the networking structure of the game. If it ever becomes possible this suggestion will for sure be put on the todo list.
  18. It is not that much of an advantage since the balancing changes are already on the wiki right now.
  19. Yes, you can expect changes to the mini booster soon.
  20. Could you post the replay? Normally Mo comes under control of a player so he can move him manually to the objective.
  21. Yes 01.01.2021 was meant for the balancing changes. I have changed it in the post now.
  22. Could you also supply a replay of the game when this happened please?
  23. We are looking into the possibility of removing the afk kick for single player games, but 5 min afk will mean losing the time based rewards like windhunter suggested. For multi player games the kick won't be removed because we really want to discourage going afk there since you are also hindering other players and we want to prevent people from joining a game, go afk and let others do the work to profit gold/xp. Since most games take only 15-20 minutes, 5 minutes is already a huge part of a game being away. So it won't be extended.
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