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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello i would like to help with testing the Game My Name is Kai and i'm 19 years old and from Germany i spend most of my time on the computer and i'm looking forward to the open Beta. I'm still in School and i've got a lot of time to test the Game my only Problem is a slow Internet connection if the Updates are really big i think i could play around 2-6 hours every day depends on how i feel that day. I played Battleforge when i was younger i think i started playing it after Renegades got released but i was really young at that time and had to share a PC with my Father so i couldn't play a lot but it was a lot of fun i often played PvE because i wasn't good enough for PvP but i think i would also enjoy PvP now that i'm older. As for why you should take me like i said i'm still in school and got a lot of time thanks to that with the Summer Vacation coming up and so on i also like testing out Stuff like combinations you could use that would be op (balance and buggy interactions) i never played only 1 deck i swapped between different kind of decks a lot so for example i won't just test nature cards and thats it. At the moment i play Games like League of Legends (only with friends or when i'm bored) sometimes i play Skyrim or Fallout with mods and so on. Battleforge was the only RTS game that i really enjoyed because you don't have to build a giant base where you produce units and you can just deploy them. It also allowed for a lot of playstyles like turtling behind turrets or rushing the enemy with one great push as an example. I hope it wasn't too much to read if you more Information about me feel free to ask on Discord because i'm not that active on the forum and i don't really write on discord. My Discord name is: Acay|Kai#5256

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