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  1. felkin

    Custom maps collection

    I had to convert the rest of the maps to .pak, .map don't work
  2. felkin

    Custom maps collection

    how to download the maps exactly? a lot of them don't show up, and what to do with the folders?
  3. felkin

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

  4. felkin

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Frost lack of swift really ruins it for most players, the only buffs I could see is either to home soil and/or ice guardian by a bit or just nerf fire/shadow (mortar, phase tower) Also, there is this thread that radical made, I think worth taking a look:
  5. felkin

    Balance Changes

    If only played that way, it's definitely boring True, but what I meant is fixing the bug and lowering his stats, depending on how much of a buff he got from fixing his bug.
  6. Some really awesome cards here
  7. felkin

    What do you do in life?

    Pretty much this
  8. felkin

    Balance Changes

    Mountaineer seriously needs a rework to fix his bug and balance his stats. Not sure what u really mean by twilight and lost souls units... I would really disagree with juggernaut being unbalanced, he's strong, yes, but u need 3 fire orbs for him, he'd better have a good attack, otherwise it's not worth it because u miss out on things like building protects and crowd control. Church of negation is also fine in my opinion, needs 2 shadow orbs and support from kobold trick and nether warp, has a lot of good ways to counterplay and if you're talking about "huge" maps it's only on 3v3s, where it's more pve than pvp and needs totally different decks. Curse well I never liked, I would honestly remove it because it ruins 2v2 games in my opinion and is just boring to play with and against. Fire nature is nowhere near weak, especially in t2, its t3 is usually very small because it needs the slots to have its power, and still not weak if played right in t3. Frost vs nature, rarely ever seen this matchup, but I bet it's pretty balanced. Frost t1 is definately bad is some maps, but doesn't mean u autolose, there is nothing much that can be done about that atm, removing maps, buffing frost t1 units or giving frost a swift unit neither seem like good options. Instant t2 pure shadow vs nature t1... this is what is called matchups, some cards are stronger than others, different colors have their advantages and disadvantages... as simple as that and doesn't necessarily mean it's unbalanced, need to learn how to play around it and understand what the color u play against can do versus u, and what u can do versus it.
  9. felkin

    Balance Changes

  10. any progress on this? even if it's for the little amount of pvp players around
  11. felkin

    Strongest PvP Deck?

    Very very true
  12. felkin

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    Really awesome overview
  13. This map is also frost so it's ok
  14. felkin

    Assigned decks for maps

    Looks awesome
  15. Will donate 100 bfp for each player outside of top 4 :)
  16. felkin

    The Stress Test Open#8 04.05.19

    I'll donate 150 bfp for each participant outside of top 4 :p
  17. Maybe it can be without top 40-60, or with ranks, fiend and lower?
  18. title... 4th day now that i can't login. redownloading the game didn't help, antivirus was said to not block anything 1 log is from the game, second from battleforge\diag folder in documents log.txt ‏‏‫מסמך טקסט ‫חדש.txt
  19. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    Well... I don't really need 200, a lot of them were potential pvp players and pve, rpve players (at the first weeks) that I could maybe play with, and also all devs and mods I guess starting from scratch will be easier and safer, I never thought I actually had nearly 200 players in my friend list
  20. felkin

    Help shadow/nature

    How and when aura of corruption is useful? I'm thinking about swapping burrower with it but not sure
  21. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    Just played few games, everything works
  22. felkin

    Too many friends (201) prohibits logging in

    Wow, thank you so much! this reminds me a problem with a game called stalker, if u had too many active tasks to be completed, your game would crash often

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