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  1. should stop with those jokes because its hurting my feelings ;( ;(
  2. is the 400th person to post on this thread
  3. Just did a fail #EAEAEA o.o, we can see the !
  4. How do i add a image to my post o.0 ?
  5. **How is being married to Dawn a downside :O?** WIsh granted, but you would only get nice weather for afew days and then 35 degrees celcius/95degrees Fahrenheit all the other days o.o I wish my name was colored o.o
  6. Wish granted, but you would find out that it will still take afew years... I wish i could marry Dawn
  7. Wish granted, but there would be alot of spam without you being able to ignore them o.o I wish BF didn't close
  8. It was so much fun to complete BH with the mutating frenzy
  9. [quote='Chomp' pid='2822' dateline='1435937428'] i am realy happy that this game is coming bakc. it was the one thing EA had whats was good and they removed it [/quote] +1
  10. Firedancer promo was best promo evah!!!! [color=grey]yes, a random comment[/color]
  11. Doesnt know what ToS stands for, ( Town of salem) Just found out what ToS stands for
  12. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2761' dateline='1435907683'] I am not sure if trick on Bad Harvest works anymore. As far as I remember, they were trying to fix it. [/quote] What trick? With Mutating Frenzy ?
  13. Want's me to come aboard on the hype wagon o.0.
  14. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2695' dateline='1435861445'] Ehh... Next time I will push this idea!!! Each Frost Tier should have a possibility to cast Avatar of Frost anytime! [/quote] o.0
  15. [quote='Aazrl' pid='2682' dateline='1435859750'] I belive that a T1 swift unit with S and splash attack and shield, that is activated near enemy unit should balance frost :) [/quote] Hell neh o.o
  16. I want to play expert maps again!!! :(
  17. [quote='Obesity' pid='2666' dateline='1435856693'] The issue about balancing is that every person (pro or developer) has a different opinion about it. If i remember the old times... and how much I discussed with people like MaranV or Tyder (which are good players), but their mind was totally messed up. I guess they thought the same about me... On a qualitative level it is impossible to make an real valid choice about buffing or nerving. The only valid way is by doing it on a quantative approach (statistics, win- lose-ratios,...) [/quote] True, it's hard to please everyone.
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