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  1. Is a knight. Too bad he doesn't have a horse..
  2. doesnt know that w/e he says is about the person above him. called me old but gold :)
  3. should know that I didn't see him as an unstoppable train o.o
  4. reminds me of the word "trein" , wich means train
  5. [quote='EpicStormer' pid='4413' dateline='1436803137'] Hey everyone has their own opinion dont start fighting about itXD [/quote] This is called discussing, not fighting o.o
  6. [quote='Treim' pid='4409' dateline='1436802775'] probably amii-monument. cheaper than a normal monument, 264 energy, and can build up anywhere:P [/quote] But only one player can have it o.o. I guess it wouldn't be such a problem if you were playing solo.
  7. Treespirits in PvP. Too cheap to make o.o
  8. is right! My name was in caps lock :O should tell more about himself
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