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  1. Guys why haven't anyone suggesties this yet? We need a promo Grim Bahir! It was already the coolest looking card in my opinion, so just imagine it being even more awesome :p
    For the buildings I think that frost would need Worldbreaker Gun, shadow Church of Negation, Fire Mortar Tower and I don't know about nature, maybe Living Tower?

  2. Hi guys, I'm a bit late but I'll do it now :p

    So I am Ewout and I live in Belgium, Dutch is my native language, I speak English pretty good and after 6 years of French I can understand almost everything :)

    In BattleForge my IGN was the same + my smurfs TheGodSlayer and something else that I don't remember
    I mainly did PvE with my Lost Souls deck which was pretty good xD but in the last couple of months is got a bit into PvP so I watched FarRocks tutorials. It didn't help that much because I never got into the top 200 xD

    I really like what you guys are doing here and I wish that I could play BFR already but got to be patient, got to be patient :D

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