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  1. Really enjoyed the small amount I've gotten to play so far. This has been and always will be my favorite game and I can already feel my playing instincts returning. I'd like to encourage everyone to remain calm while the bugs are worked out, the fact that we are even this far is great to see. 

    Also Ravenheart was one of the first cards I got and wow does it suck with its tortoise-level moving speed. 

    1. Nephilim


      after all those years you get to realize that some of your fav. cards from back then are actually garbage ^^

  2. The Devs play Fire, just remember that when you ask for balance changes.

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    2. WindHunter


      Its an old axiom of BattleForge. Fire was the dominant faction for most of the game and the Devs were very slow to change any Fire cards that were overtuned while most cards that got nerfed were cards that specifically excelled versus Fire decks. Whether this was Dev bias, incompetence, or the fact that fire was the most popular deck, we'll never know.

    3. Ultrakool


      I just noticed are you the actual wind hunter? Omg!

    4. WindHunter


      Yes, I'm excited to get back to playing and commentating.

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