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SunWu II.

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  1. Shoutout to whoever made the Yrmia map have a comeback in ranked PvP! :frostorb:<3

  2. R.I.P my other games. Hope to see you all in the forge sooner or later!

    1. Riviute


      i also have to say goodbye so some other games :)  congratz buddy see you in the forge

    2. SunWu II.

      SunWu II.

      Gratz to you, too! :hype:

      Did just start a big game in Civ VI, the romans i'm playing with are probably doomed to be stuck in 1000 BC...

    3. Riviute


      i know that ;) but still you have a couple of days left for Civ VI

  3. My hype just reached 80%! Can't wait for the stream!

  4. :) like my status if you lamed lost souls with a 5+ card T3 ! :)


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