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  1. shouln't hate the hater but the player..or the game..or whatever
  2. His avatar is a skyfire drake! Am i doing this right now ?
  3. I think master archers should have less problems dealing with deathgliders than the low health-sunstriders. MAs + homesoil would probably be enough but for extreme cases there's always lightblade or glacier to save your well.
  4. I only remember one guy, forgot his name, who was around legend/hero level who played nature/fire with deathglider. It's probably a deckslot wich isn't completly wasted but could be used much better (especially when you play a slot-intensive nature T1). The only advantage i see is going T2 early vs fire T1 wich really has no counter against deathglider.
  5. HighTech's avatar facepalms because of noobs like him
  6. In PVE i remember it mostly as a card that made attacking and defending convenient and easygoing if you didn't care for speed. Very beginnerfriendly and therefor you probably saw hundreds of armies of windweavers + shaman in your BF time. In PvP it was a core card (treespirit era aside), especially needed in mirrors. Those were basically summoning shamans until you have enough to one-hit your oponents shamans and then it was mostly about better timing. Like Loptous said, weak against shadow, but not really because of shadow phoenix (wich destroys any nature T1) and instead of noxes. Though onc
  7. I think they didn't stack, crystal fiend is still very strong, though. Nothing more annoying than manouvering your skyfire drake through armies of spirit hunters and stormsingers to get a shot at the flying disco ball of doom...
  8. Bejingguy used them against fire, but even after their buff they weren't really strong. Probably hard to find a deckslot for them when you keep in mind that as nature S-units aren't your main problem (hurricane, windweavers-multishot). I think MAs + frostbite make them useless against frost like they are against shadow.
  9. i will quote LagOps for this one, as he's the one with the PhD in Banditology: ,,Warrior's death... oh boy the most toxic bandits card ever. who ever thought this card would be a good idea??? first of all: bandits have a good enough offense just with the basic cards you would play anyways. chosing purely offensive cards is very risky and will create holes in your defense. even if it is as devestating as it is, i would not play it just because it does not fill a role that needs filling in a bandits deck. This card has only frost protects as a counterplay and in combination with rallying banner
  10. They really were useless in PvP. But if i remember correctly the flame crystal was good in rPVE. I think it gave every own (and friendly?) unit with fire affinity the rage ability. So let's say you had an army of fire wagons (fire affinity) attacking for a certain amount of time, they would deal 4x their normal damage in the end. I remember how a lot of player got it wrong and confused fire affinity with fire unit, but i was too smart for that ! Can somebody remember or test if it really multiplied the damage x 4 or if it was a weaker form of rage-ability for the units ?
  11. Thanks to shrine of memory it is,to a certain extent, spamable (you getting the power back as soon as it breaks down the first time is what makes it really sweet). It's still not OP because with only 4 charges you can't spam too careless and a Jugger still does more damage. Also pure nature has no damage buffs like motivate or homesoil. Those could make 5 or more minions with built up rage really scary (always prefered the red affinity)
  12. I missed the time when she was viable in PvP, before she got nerfed. I still tried to use her in a pure shadow deck, wich costed ELO, but led to some really great moments. One time i managed to fully heal an army of shadow mages with her ability wich took my oponent by surprise (players that never encountered that ability mistake it for a corpse explosion, wich has the same animation). BUT it's much easier and more efficent to play pure shadow with KoC and/or NG as your L counter and to use green netherwarp for your mageheals. Still a beauty and the only skylord of shadow, so thematically real
  13. May your reputation points rise beyond your post count !
  14. Love that card ! After it's nerf it wasn't OP in T3 anymore (damagecap) and it was always fun to have an instant damage spell in shadow. I wish i would have a collage of the best nasties i've ever seen !
  15. ! Edit: Upgrades were: +25% dmg; +25% dmg; -10 cost
  16. It gave some form of support by transforming the units it killed into frenzied m-units wich hadn't much hp or attack but attracted the enemy fire. It was probably mostly hyped for its looks, but that was a really cool feature. Having 8 - 10 Grim Bahirs + infect used to lead to crazy large armies of bugs so that the Bahirs didn't really have to do too much damage. Of course not a speedrun card, but definetly a strong, fun to play + nice to look at card.
  17. Eww....shield building ! It was of the most seen T3 cards in mid- and highranked PvP because it was a standard card for pretty much every frost splash. Pure Shadow often went frost T3 only for this card ! (well...maybe for lancers and grig, too )
  18. After the reaver nerf, grigori was the new definition of lame Also Hirooo says he likes them, but i know for a fact that he always used to suicide them. What do you think about lost grigori ?
  19. Yeah, Rogan always hung around the lyrish guys. He looked more confident on his non-promo picture: That haircut tho !
  20. Fires shots like a true corsair is supposed to !
  21. If you wanna be sheep there's no need to know all that human stuff.
  22. Great PVE card to secure structures against heavy attack, look at how 2 bandit walkers can't destroy a wardens sigil because of her ability (at min. 11) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT0vmOxLGZM
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