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  1. Don't have any problems with you, but maybe it helps you if i tell you what i recognized. First thing is what LagOps said, i have the feeling that sometimes you take an opinion as a thesis wich you have to give a counter argument to. Now, of course sometimes there are facts wich we can't deny and then someone may be right or wrong. But in a thread like yours where it's about nostalgia and design there are a lot of opinions wich can't be negated by logic. For example i remember someone wrote something along the lines of ,,nostalgia plays an important role for me'' and then you answered with som
  2. Yes, i didn't take this poll seriously, neither. I tried to make that clear with my last statement.
  3. This question makes me think and raises further questions...do I have to do the killing or is Dawson the henchman? Seriously i hope nobody here would ever really consider the option where people die and choosing the red pill is just a (slightly morbid) way of expressing love for this game.
  4. So far you didn't specify whose family it is! is it some random family you kidnapped?
  5. has nice stats, more upvotes than posts so far!
  6. This one here is pretty detailed: Parts of the pvp section might be outdated due to nerfs/buffs but the introduction still explains all the basics.
  7. YES! The only deck wich let's you get a T4 army of whatever unit you want in a reasonable time. Only possible with resource booster/enlightenment/offering and void manipulation.
  8. Arrrr....the white juggernaut! I'm glad i never faced Mo in PvP but i've seen him played and played him myself. I used him for a short time playing pure shadow but this isn't really the best deck for him. He's playable in pure nature thanks to the power you get through shrine of memory and the heals are also nice. I've also seen him played in a shadow/nature deck with fire T3 and disechant which makes him unstoppable if you have the power.
  9. Edit: both have two arms, two legs, one head and take part in interstellar conflicts. Both have hair. Both are part of the same successful sci-fi franchise. Both like to think they fight for the ,,good'' side (lol)
  10. i think you can combine these two!
  11. Flower girl with balanced stats here. I guess it fits, i take a hippiesque approach to life from time to time.
  12. I would feel comfortable playing it if it wasn't that strong, i think it needs a slight nerf before it's fair. If i was all about winning i wouldn't play the decks i play anyway. I understand i'm rather alone with that attitude but i don't want to win a game against a better player who micros his butt off with nature T1 while i just spam a tower. Of course i have a slight disadvantage against nature then but it's more fun and how many nature players are there anyway? I would consider putting it in my deck if BF starts and a lot of players start shadow with phasetower because as you know it's v
  13. Phasetower is OP! I know there are players, topplayers among them, who will defend it because it is needed against nature and frost. And they are right! It is needed against frost and nature...but does it have to destroy everything they got with a brute force that was never seen before in Nyn and leave nothing but death and destruction? I felt it's power - it was tempting but also frightening, so i immediately put it out of my deck again!
  14. It's only good in a close well situation wich has to be avoided against frost anyway. In situations with longer distances frost gets intercepted (i'm only talking about fire and shadow T1 fights here, but that's 90% of the matches) and a wintertide is wasted power when the oponent can retreat completly. On the maps wich are feared by frost (Uro, generated maps with long distances) this card is no help. Maybe it can help against players that hide behind phasetowers but other than that i see no big advantage. Also a big fan of shadow insect. It's inspiring me to get better with my micro so
  15. Above all for it's swiftness and splashdamage. I used to play it in stonekin, so there are probably better options for this deckslot (i somehow managed to put 4 cards in T3), but man had i fun with it. If your oponent spawns counters you just hop on to the next base and if its a cluster it gets destroyed in no time thx to the siege and splashdamage. Only taking half damage while moving is also underrated in PvP imo. You almost always get away before it dies. I thought that's because of its high HP wich makes it almost impossible to get rid off.
  16. I don't know exactly how this thread is supposed to work, i just wanted to say that i think coredredge (red) is really awesome. And yeah, defenders are strong and pure frost has the deckslots for them, also shields. @ImperatorSK I think players don't play cannon tower that much because it's quite situational and could be called lame. While embalmers is the opposte of lame and i think with good timing and experience you can get serious advantages. In lost souls it's not even that risky, in case you mess up (spend embalmer power without getting phoenixes back) you still have your defensive capab
  17. I think the idea of the card is neat: a spell wich lets you spawn units undazed plus adds lifesteal or siege bonus for your units. Obviously the disadvantage is that you have to cast it on an enemy unit wich hast to be killed to make the spell work, but therefor the spell is really cheap in power. For PvP there couldn't have been a more unfortunate orb constellation for this spell. Fire/nature, the deck wich this card is supposed to improve, only has T3 slots for absolute necessities. Like all nature splashes it also has heals wich are more efficent than purple twilight warfare's lifestea
  18. Loved that combo, you were able to speed it up with deepcoil + burrow ritual or netherwarp. I like that battleship is an L counter because that way it gets rid of those annoying bandit windhunters quickly.
  19. Yeah, in PVE it's only useful if you have to defend buildings in T1, wich is rare. PVP is all about protecting your powerwells, so this card is a must have if you play anything frost in T1 or T2. Remember that damage caused by lifeweaving ignores this spell, so careful against shadow.
  20. Same for me on treasure fleet; duration of the replay is 21:38 while it shows 21:36.3 in the rankings.
  21. "The Queen arrived at the castle with the King by her side, in a dress adorned with hand-sewn embroidered flowers." I didn't think the sentence was incorrect either, but maybe the structure can lead yout to the assumption that the king is rocking the hand-sewn embroidered flowers instead of the queen. Then it would instead have to be: "The Queen arrived at the castle, in a dress adorned with hand-sewn embroidered flowers, with the King by her side."
  22. A card that was often seen in beginners decks, once players collected a few T4 XLs they usually switched to those. A group of L units has its disadvantages compared to single XL units. They need a little more micro if you want to keep them alive and they suffer from knockback. I don't know about speedrunning, but i would be surprised if this this card had sone use there.
  23. I'm, glad there were no questions, about commas.
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