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  1. Shoutout to whoever made the Yrmia map have a comeback in ranked PvP! :frostorb:<3

  2. It really has, it's hidden/for some reason not included in the description.
  3. Pretty much every mission on standard / advanced. I'm not expecting every player that asks for deckadvice to do expert right away. I also think there are a lot of expert maps where an allround deck is doomed to fail and a specific deck is needed.
  4. I think the studio wasn't as full fledged as you think. They barely had the ressources/manpower to concern themselves with balancing issues. And despite that balancing came a long way when you consider what a mess it was in the beginning.
  5. How is aggressor a good card for non specific campaign? For 150 power it knocks back L units, that's it. Now if you don't encounter L units it's a crap card with crap dmg/power and you're putting yourself in a crap situation playing it. And it's not too bad to have a flying, tanky XL ready to snipe spawnhuts or other obejectives. So why is giant wyrm crap? Gemeyes do crap damage compared to the wyrm. Seems to me like it's a matter of playstyle and not strength.
  6. SunWu II.

    Church of negation

    Isn't sunstriders abilities range longer than CONs?
  7. LSS also fires 8 projectiles at the same time once there are four or more enemy entities in range. This increases the damage output enormously and makes it a stronger XL than Giant wyrm wich also costs 60 more power.
  8. Those should be considered, too, when talking about balancing that thing. It's imbalanced in defense on midcentered maps like Elyon or a lot of generated ones where nature (and like always frost) can't start with a swift unit (cause nox). Shadow just takes the middle with immediate phase towers, gains map control and now the nature or frost player has to play 3 leagues better than the shadow player if he wants to turn the situation in his favour.
  9. It's not supposed to dissolve units, you can read the card descriptions by hovering your mouse over the card. Lost banestone: Activate to partially draw the targeted hostile unit into the inbetween. The target will be paralyzed and cannot be attacked by other units. The affected player may no longer play out any more cards of same card as long as either the target unit lives or Banestone are still standing. Reusable every 60 seconds.
  10. Ignoring shields has always been a specialty of the purple affinity and still is. Therefor the green affinity deals more damage but desn't go through shields, lifeeaving etc. Now about Danduil i'm not too sure, i don't play 2vs2 often enough to know about this problem, maybe some 2vs2 regular can help here.
  11. I can at least solve the regrowth mystery: it has a cap, first comes the initial heal and then the heal per second wich is limitited and stops if that limit is reached (can happen fast with high HP XLs) Spiti hunters always worked as intended for me. I think you confuse the green and purple affinity, please check the descriptions again.
  12. Close range ports are also necessary to dodge CCs.
  13. +1, but i dont really like the suggested solution simply because it would make some wallhops impossible. It would nerf the blue netherwarp, wich i prefer to use, too.
  14. SunWu II.

    Help shadow/nature

    Imo The frost way with grigoris is the strongest. You get a lot of defensive strength with shield building and silverwindnasties. Another small advantage is you're able to play more than one grig while you can play only one Brannoc at a time. Also look at your avatar!
  15. Lol, after a month or two i now got pure frost, pure shadow, lost souls and stonekin PvP decks pretty much fully upgraded plus every PVE card i desired. How does it take years for you to get a pure fire deck? It's not even about putting in endless hours, just get a few boosters a week and it shouldn't take too long to be ready for competitve pvp. About complete access to everything: Wasn't this phase also about testing/observing progression ? It would defeat the purpose to give out everything then. Edit: at the moment, the bigest obstacle to getting a fully upgraded PvP deck is actua
  16. I didn't see any new points or arguments from your side we didn't already hear in this thread but i don't like to be called selfish, so tell me how ,,incredibly small'' the number of players actually is. Did you make a poll, did you ask hundreds of players ingame? Most players i used to pve with saw it as the stupid, unnecessary, broken, cashgrab card it is. I could accuse you of being selfish because you want to safe your one click wonder from balancing, but what's the point, really? When it comes to enjoyment of the game everything is rather subjective, when it comes to balance, not so much.
  17. Here's another point of view: The reason i play mostly rPVE instead of campaign missions is not the loot. I prefer rPVE because except of a few missions most campaigns annoy me, it's always go there, destroy that, then go there, listen to this then defend that...i miss the flow and small variations of a rPVE. In other words: in campaign you always have to do several things, but they are always the same while in rPVE you only have to do one thing, but it's always a little different. I like the later more.
  18. Are there any rare cards that are that expensive? And eventhough you need only 1 (instead of 4 charges like other cards) it was always on the more high priced side. And i think one of the main reasons not everyone used it is that only one player per map was allowed to use it. That's exactly what happened to me when i got my amii monument, rebuilt every PVE deck around it and now a few weeks later i don't even use it anymore. The progress of building up a T4 army shortly after going T3 became tiresome and repetitive. In the end i wasn't even faster, it just gave a bit of safety and i pa
  19. Sofynn played twilight brutes, he did well with them - i wonder how he had the slot - probably no mauler. They are good against nature splashes, can still get rooted, but at least not hurricaned.
  20. I think we mean the same player - ,,mutantenfisch''. I remember him playing nature T1, perhaps he played another deck before or later. Wasn't his only twilight unit deathglider? Still a no for me when it comes to successful twilight deck players. Onseet showcased a real twilight deck once. Eventhough it's kind of a strange match, the move at 2:20 is probably the best use of a twilight transformation i've ever seen in a pvp match:
  21. Remember him, but ,,succesfull''? I have him in mind as a player that played relatively good nature T1 without treespirits but gave away some ELO by playing the strange T2. I think that's just a mild case of ,,beijingguyism'' where a player choses a deck wich isn't mainstream and in the end trades ELO for fun/recognition. I've seen Hirooo make werebeasts and sunken temple work but unless he does it vs other primes regulary i wouldn't say there's a succesfull sunken temple player.
  22. No :( The transformation effects are weak for the cost at which they come, so situations where they are effective are very rare. In a twilight deck you'd also have to rely on units that are way weaker than their non-twilight counterparts. (mauler > slaver, ghostspears > twilight minions, skyfire drake & burrower > any twilight T2 units). So you cold only achieve good results if you regulary get matched with oponents that are weaker than you.
  23. If it's only twice the dmg then its working as intended. i thought it was dmg x 4 or even worse, i don't use it myself i just wanted to know if i can scream ,,foulplay'' when i see it used against some poor pure nature dude :D
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