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First of all I want to introduce myself perchance there are some of you who may know me from the original battleforge, but I assume most of you don't
I'm a 16 year old student from germany and I prefer to be refered as "frost", my real name is Fabian.
Most of you probably can figure out why my Nickname is Lfrostavatar, basically it comes from the Battleforge card "frost avatar"
that has supefied me from the very beginning and it reminded me of my old roughcasted battleforge card.
Battleforge was a blessing, due to its superior and uncomparable graphic standards at the time.
Also it had the most balanced PvE and PvP which I have witnessed since my Gaming experience.
After the Battleforge servers got shutdown I sadly had to find a new game to play, as a fan of Diablo 2, Diablo 3 came in mind
and I slowly but surely got better and better which leads to me as being one of the best nowadays.
But ofcourse it was not comparable to something like Battleforge that had its player made Maps. I still remember Maps such as bad harvest,
sunbridge and many more of Superspitzi and kaldra that were made with such perfection I can barely believe it.
Until the 14th of June I thought "Hey, why is noone actually trying to make a remake or private server of Battleforge".
God Bless the 14th of June, since that day I received the relieving message that someone is trying to get that game back and without the
fear of the servers getting shut down again.
Tl;Dr: It was a perfect game with few flaws that were too unnoticable to be mentioned, I am sure that there is much to come in the future
Would greatly appreciate to be cooperating with such a capable and selfless creator that you are.
As I already said in my presentation, I greatly appreciate the community, and I would like to keep it in a positive attitude, I would be very exciting to work with everyone here!

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