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  1. wanky liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    Thanks for the leaderboards report.
    The leaderboards on the Hub are being cached once every 36 hours, so maybe the data has not been cached yet.
    Also have in mind there are different time range selection possibilities, like so:

    At the start of every month, "This month" range usually doesn't have much data for the first week until players play the matches and fill it up.
    And could you please private message me with screenshots/examples of the time differences you're mentioning? It will help me better pinpoint the problem, if any.
  2. Majora liked a post in a topic by wanky in Community Update #17 - January 8th 2022   
    First of all Great Update. Like to read them. Sometimes its hard to track everything going on. I find these updates here very good to have a rough summary of what is currently going on.
    I have discovered an "error" in the leaderboard. Namely, in 2 player, as well as in 4 player missions ONLY times are displayed which were made by a 2 respactive 4player team. If you compare this to the ingame ranking there are big differences (eg Empire) Is it possible to fix this? Find it a great alternative that you do not have to go every time ingame to "only briefly" go through the rankings (for example, to take over the alltime in the PVE alltime channel (including team)
    greetings Wanky
  3. wanky liked a post in a topic by Kapo in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; The contest is over, and it's time to announce the winners!

    But first, I’d like to thank everyone for making the Crappy Community Contest happen - no matter in what way: participation, sponsoring prizes, spreading the word or helping me to organize it. I received so much support and even more nice words - maybe a small apology for the amount of crappy advertisements is also in order 😉
    In total, we reached a total number of 130 participants, more than double of our goal. Thanks to the Skylords Team for sponsoring the code CRAP-YCMN-TYCO-NTES
    Here are the fastest Skylords of the CCC #1:
    1st place          01:27.4       arabika
    2nd place         01:28.0       Damo
    3rd place          01:29.5       Hirooo
    4th place          01:30.4       RadicalX
    5th place          01:32.5       Treim
    6th place          01:34.6       Dolewan
    7th place          01:36.4       THE_BIG_WET
    8th place          01:39.7       Dutchy
    9th place          01:41.5       _empty_
    10th place        01:42.1       Hiko
    11th place        01:44.5       Bini_Inibitor
    12th place        01:45.4       Wanky
    13th place        01:46.3       batika
    14th place        01:47.5       Zorgok
    15th place        01:48.4       Relictook
    16th place        01:48.5       SylarXXI
    Upper 50% share: The split share of the 3000 bfp is only 46 BFP each - the high number of participants takes its toll here.
    Lower 50% draw:
    Draw 1      DeityExcalibur           Enlightenment
    Draw 2      Endimion                  Amii Monument
    Draw 3      Karl_Marx                 Rageflame (B)
    I will send you the prizes as soon as possible through ingame mail.
    Replays and Strategy
    Here are the replays of the Top-3 entries - copy them into your Replay folder to watch them:
    CCC1_01-27-4_arabikaa.pmv CCC1_01-28-0_Damo.pmv CCC1_01-29_5_Hirooo.pmv
    For those who just want to quickly know how the time is achieved without watching, here is a short description: 

    With this new knowledge, if you want to try for yourself, please remember that the Map of the Month gets switched pretty soon.
    In conclusion
    Thanks again to all who helped to make this happen. What I can tell so far is that the series will continue, CCC-2 has already been discussed with the Event Managers - but before that my guess is that we will see some other contests/events.
    If you have a crappy idea for future CCC's you may share and discuss that with me, maybe you can host your own Crappy Contest! Feel free to contact me. If you want to discuss or host any other kind of contest, contact our Event Managers Hiko and/or Metagross. They are super supportive and will help you to organize your own event!
  4. wanky liked a post in a topic by Dallarian in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    gg wp
    I am actually impressed with number of participants and timings. gj everyone!
  5. wanky liked a post in a topic by Kapo in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Dear Skylords,

    I just sent out all the prizes - and want to mention again that those came from very generous Skylords sponsoring the Event.  When sending them out, I noticed that I forgot to add an Aggressor (B) into the prize pool, so I put him into the Consolation Prize (16th).

    This concludes all business around the first Crappy Community Contest. If you have any feedback around the event, feel free to chat me up or write me a note.
  6. wanky liked a post in a topic by Kapo in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    It's valid till the end of January, so no worries 😃
  7. wanky liked a post in a topic by Kapo in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    The contest recieved some donations from generous Skylords, so the price pool has been updated.

    Edit: I am baffled by the amount of additional donations I recieved, and instead of giving everything to the "Top" I added a random draw of two really good cards for the lower half of entries - that seemed more appropriate for a community contest.
  8. T1421 liked a post in a topic by wanky in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Probely in one of the top 3 🙂
  9. wanky liked a post in a topic by Treim in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Great idea,
    sadly I only got today to get a time in and improve upon it. Well let's see where I end up.
  10. Pritstift liked a post in a topic by wanky in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Probely in one of the top 3 🙂
  11. Dallarian liked a post in a topic by wanky in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Probely in one of the top 3 🙂
  12. Kapo liked a post in a topic by wanky in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    Probely in one of the top 3 🙂
  13. wanky liked a post in a topic by Majora in Community update #15 - December 3rd 2021   
    Greetings Skylords!

    It's been three weeks since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn.
    This update is kind of a Bandits-Special, with new card reveals, a Deep Dive for the faction and insight in the process of adding a new PvP card. Let's get started!

    Anniversary Stream Announcement
    Mark your calendars because we have some celebrating to do! On December 18th, Skylords Reborn reaches its 1-year anniversary. It has been a wild ride; from resurrecting the game to a playable state, to actively developing new features and even brand new cards. 
    Join us for a special anniversary stream on December 17th with news, card reveals, give-aways and more, celebrating the past, present and future of Skylords Reborn! More details will be shared in the coming weeks. We hope to see you there!

    New Card Reveal
    Please note: We are still testing the card. While we are generally happy about it and feel comfortable revealing it, its numbers and effects might still change. We hope to release this card before the end of the year and will share more information at a later date. 
    Today we are excited to reveal a card that might see play in both PvP and PvE, and solve some of the problems Bandits have in PvP. 

    Bandit Minefield is a tier 2 Spell for Fire/Shadow. Upgrading the card reduces its cooldown (up to 10 seconds) and powercost (80 to 70). It will be a rare and won't have an affinity. Here is how the card works:
    Creates 4 clusters of mines in a line of 20m. If a hostile ground unit gets as close as 10m to a cluster, its mines will detonate in 6 bursting waves. Each wave deals 100 damage to hostile units and 25 damage to buildings in a 15m radius, up to 300 in total. If no enemy approaches a cluster within 10 seconds, its mines will disappear again. Affects ground targets only. Cannot damage wall segments, Power Wells or Monuments. Cannot be placed nearby hostile units or structures, excluding walls. Knocks back small units. Reusable every 35/35/35/25 seconds.
    Bandit Minefield requires the selection of source and target location. Mines will be placed in a straight line in the direction you choose. 
    Design and expected use
    Because this is our first new card that will see play in the PvP-meta, we asked our designer RadicalX to share some insights about the design process of the card. We cover why the card was created, what role it has in the meta and how it was changed during testing. Bandits has been one of the weaker factions in PvP, so we are very excited to see how this new tool will help them out. 
    Affinity and Rarity
    A quick word about this cards rarity and lack of affinity. Affinities were added to every expansion of BattleForge, mostly as a way to increase the number of cards in each expansion. While there are some cards where the different affinities result in interesting choices, there are also a lot of cards that struggle under this design restriction. The Skylord Reborn team decided that going forward, we will add affinities where they feel right, but leave them out when we can't add a meaningful difference between them, or adding them would undermine what the card is supposed to do. 
    As for the rarity, we actually wrote a document about rarity, and according to those guidelines, Bandit Minefield will be a rare. It is worth noting that Bandit Minefield will be added to the free PvP-bandit deck. We expect this card to be crucial in the PvP scene, and find it important that everyone who wants to play PvP can do so without grinding for cards or upgrades first. 

    The artwork has been designed by our talented artist Tweeto, and we thought it would be cool to share some sketches to show you the progress. 

    As always, a lot of time and changes went into this artwork. A big thanks to Tweeto for constantly accepting feedback and improving the artwork. We are really happy with the final result, and hope you are too! 
    Vote for Cardnames
    Just like with Coat of Protection and Wasteland Wing, we need your suggestions for the final cardname. During testing we came up with the cardname ''Bandit Minefield" and ''Treacherous Path" as the effect name. However, part of our promise to our Patrons is to let them help with naming new cards based on suggestions from the community. For this, we will need your help!
    Please reply in the comments below what you feel is the perfect cardname for this card and how you would name the ability.  
    Name: Bandit Minefield
    Ability: Treacherous Path
    Please only suggest one name. We will collect all the suggestions and let our Avatar-of-Frost-tier (and higher) Patrons vote for the final name, starting next week. 

    Bandit Deep Dive
    Back in July we shared our Deep Dive into Frost; an exploration into what makes the faction tick and how we planned to tackle the issues Pure Frost struggled with. We have since then shifted our focus away from the frosty Lyrish Reaches and moved on to the scorching Southern Wastes; attached you will find the Bandits Deep Dive!
    In this document we will be exploring the Bandits-faction in detail, including upcoming changes and even a tease of another new card! It is our goal with documents such as these to give our players a glimpse into how we think about factions and where we are planning to take the game.
    Upcoming Tournaments & Events
    NEW: Official PvE Contest#4 Winter is coming - Until 17.12.2021
    For this challenge, we want to see you succeed in playing the map Guns of Lyr, while accomplishing several winter and Christmas themed objectives. This event has a point system and boosters for the top performers. Check out the rules and how to apply here and have fun!

    FINISHED: Official PvE Contest#3 Skylords Raid
    Our 3th PvE contest has concluded, thanks to everyone who participated! Originally the idea was to have a stream, but because we are already streaming for our anniversary and most of the runs used the same tactics, the winners will instead be announced through a youtube video in the near-future. We also saw a lot less participants in this style of contest, so we will try to stay away from multiple-map contests in the future.
    • Host your own event / tournament
    Want to host a tournament or event? Please reach out to our Event Organisers Hiko or Metagross to have your event prizes sponsored by us. If you have a cool idea for a PvE event, or want to host a PvP tournament, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we will gladly assist you. 
    New Team Members / Open Positions
    We are very happy to announce a new addition to our team: RookieN has joined the team as a Map Designer / Map Developer / Map Artist! You can expect great things from him, and we hope to be able to share them soon. 
    We also added another Event Manager to the team; Metagross will work together with our other Event Manager Hiko to provide you with a steady stream of contests and tournaments. His community contest on King's Ridge was a success, so we are happy to officially welcome him to the team. 
    At the same time we are sad to see Kerkk leave the team as a Web Developer. He unfortunately does not have enough time to help us out anymore. We would like to thank him for his time and all he did for Skylords Reborn! 
    Last Community Update we posted our cry for help for Balance Developers, and we are very grateful for the response. We hope to add new Balance Developers to the team soon, who will help us implement new cards and balance changes. We did experience some delays because of the lack of staff for quite a while now, but we hope this will improve with new members being added to the team. This is always an area that we need help with, so if you are still interested, please let us know. 
    There are still some other areas we would like additional help to expand and grow Skylords Reborn. If you want to help, we would love to have you on our team. Below we have highlighted some roles, but you can find more information, desired traits and all our open positions here. If you are unsure if you qualify, please reach out and have a talk! 
    NEW: Open Position - Video Editor
    As a video editor you are responsible for creating exciting video content for Skylords Reborn. This can range from short card reveal videos to exciting trailers and cutting up Twitch-stream content for highlight videos on our Youtube channel. If you have any experience with audio post production, you can also help us out with the process of adding new voice-lines and sound effects into the game. More Information.

    Open Position - Artist
    While we absolutely love Tweeto's output, one artist can only do so much. As an artist you are responsible to create the visuals required for new content. This is a broad position and there are many areas where you could help in, depending on your skills and interests. Think of loading screen artwork for new maps, card artwork for new cards, visual UI elements for new features that involve adding UI to the game, banners for events/tournaments/community challenges/large game updates etc. More Information.

    Open Position - Marketeer / Outreach Coordinator
    As a Marketeer / Outreach Coordinator you are responsible to spread the word and create awareness about Skylords Reborn and to attract veteran and new players alike. This includes actively researching and reaching out to potentially interested streamers, youtubers, Discord channels, game magazines, among others. You will be responsible for the communication to and from interested parties and for any promotion deals (for example involving scratch codes). Please note that Skylords Reborn cannot do any paid promotions. More Information.

    In Conclusion
    And that's it for this Community Update, thanks for reading! 
    As is tradition, this community update comes with a scratch code. 
    The code will reward you with a mini-booster: COMM-UNIT-YNEW-S15B
    The code is valid till December 25th.
    We will update you again on December 18th, during our 1-year anniversary! The next community update will probably stick to the 3 week schedule, meaning it will be posted on the 25th. 
    As always, we are open to feedback so please let us know! 
    Community Update #12
    Community Update #13
    Community Update #14
  14. wanky liked a post in a topic by Metagross31 in Official PvE Contest#4 Winter is coming UNTIL 17.12.2021   
    I would like to inform you, that the extra bounty for completing the "Christmas Peace" objective has been claimed! You can no longer get the reward for being the first to pull it of, but you can still get the points for your run 🙂
  15. wanky liked a post in a topic by Metagross31 in Official PvE Contest#4 Winter is coming UNTIL 17.12.2021   
    Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings.
    Welcome to the fourth official PvE event!
    We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event!

    What kind of event will it be?

    PvE - Advanced - Guns of Lyr with a point system
    For this challenge, we want to see you succeed in playing the map Guns of Lyr, while accomplishing several winter and christmas themed objectives.
    The more objectives you accomplish, the more points you get. The team with the highest number of points wins the contest!
    But there is more! You also get points for speed! The faster you finish the map, the more extra points you get.
    Thus, you will need to find the right balance between objectives and time and choose your strategy accordingly.

    So gather a team, polish your strategy and go for the Highscore!

    When will it start?

    We will be accepting entries starting today.
    The event will run for a bit more than 2 weeks, to be specific: 17.12.2021 23:59 CET.
    You can send your replays through DM to me on Discord (Metagross31#1103) or through a PM to me on the forum.
    We will announce the winners on stream on the 2nd of January, 6pm CET.

    How can I participate?

    Everyone with an ingame account can participate in the event - there is no need to sign up separately.
    You just have to send in your best replay, including the player names, the time of the replay and what objectives you accomplished. [Note: Your entry has to be a victory]
    For example: If your team reached a time of 17:23.6, name your replay the following way:


    Additionally, send me a list of all objectives. For example:
    Low points:        A, C, D; Total: 900
    Mid points:             K, L; Total: 1200
    High points:             all; Total: 4000
    Penalty points:           S; Total: -1200
    Total points:                             4900

    You can send in your replays until the 17.12.2021. 

    Please note:
    You are allowed to compete with multiple teams, but only your highest score will determine the rewards you win, meaning you can only get rewards for one submission. You are allowed to compete with a team of less than 4 people or even alone.
    You can find your replays here: Documents=>Battleforge=>replays

    What are the objectives?

    This event will have a point system: points will be rewarded by completing the following objectives. The goal is to get as many points as possible!
    You don't have to complete them all, but of course you should aim for as many points as you can in a single run.
    It is important however, that your final score from objectives is greater than zero. Runs with a negative score do not qualify.
    Low points:

    A:   HoHoHo!: 200p
    Have one player play out Santa Claus*

    B:   You are not alone: 200p
    Have one player build a Stronghold next to Rogan's Castle*

    C :  We are many!: 300p
    Have all players from your team build a Stronghold next to Rogan's Castle*

    D :  Santa's little helper: 400p
    Have Rogan Kayle (Player's card) within a 25m radius of Santa all the time*

    E:   The Ghost of Christmas Past: 400p
    As a team, play at least five different frost cards from the twilight edition*

    F:   The Ghost of Christmas Present: 400p
    Play at least one frost card, that has been buffed by the Skylords Reborn team (See below for a list of cards)*

    G:   The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come: 400p
    Play at least one frost card, that has proposed buffs for the future (See below for a list of cards)*
    H:   Presents for the Kobolds: 400p
    Use one of Santa's gifts next to one of the Kobold Engineers*
    I:    Presents for the King: 400p
    Use one of Santa's gifts next to Rogan's castle
    Maximum low points:    3100

    Medium points:

    J:   Boxing day: 400p
    Open all gold chests

    K:   Presents for your neighbors: 600p
    Use one of Santa's gifts next to one of the big twilight manifestations, before they get destroyed*

    L: Sitting at the fireplace: 600p
    Have a unit sit in front of the top fire trap for 3 minutes without dying or walking away*

    M:   Coming down the chimney: 600p
    Completely destroy all four enemy walls

    N:   First the dinner, then the presents: 600p
    Destroy all minor twilight infestation camps before destroying the final manifestations*

    O:   A time for modesty: 800p
    As a team, do not control more than 10 orbs at the same time*

    Maximum medium points:    3600

    High points:

    P:   The real deal:  1000p
    Play the map on Expert difficulty instead of advanced

    Q:   Frosty times:  250p per player, maximum of 1000p
    Play a pure frost deck*

    R :   Christmas Peace:  1500p  (2000p if combined with objective P)
    Do not kill any enemy units until the final wave spawns*
    Maximum high points:    4000
    Maximum Total points:    10700

    Penalty points:

    S:   That's not a Christmas tree!:  -1200p
    Using Amii Monument

    T:   Taking your siblings' presents: -1500p
    Using Decomposer

    U:  Got the wrong present: -1000p
    Destroying your starting orb*

    V:  Broken Chimney: -1000p
    One of the Kobold Engineers dies*

    W:   Blocking the way for Santa: -1500p
    Construct buildings past the flames near the map border in the top left or bottom right corner*

    X:   Christmas is over: -1500p
    Santa dies

    Y:   Wrong season, wrong event: -1000p
    Play out easter Egg
    Total penalty points:    -8700

    * Check the FAQ for clarifications.
    Time Score:
    There will also be points awarded for time. The faster you finish the map, the more points you will get with a maximum of 1500p.
    There are no preset timewindows that determine your time score, instead your time is compared to all entries.
    This means that every second counts when it comes to your time score!
    However, you can not lose any points by having a slow time. So it is up to you to decide whether you want to go for as many objectives as possible or if you want to leave some out in the hope of getting a better time.
    You do not have to calculate the time score yourself, we will calculate the time score for every entry.
    For a detailed explanation on how the time score is calculated, see the FAQ below.
    In order to reduce confusion about the objectives, we have precompiled a list of questions you might have and answered them beforehand.
    If you have any questions about one of the objectives, please check this FAQ first.
    If your question is not yet answered in the FAQ, feel free to ask the question in this thread. That way it can be clarified and added to the FAQ.
    List of previously buffed frost cards:

    List of frost cards with proposed buffs:

    Questions about specific objectives:
    Calculation of the time score:

    Sounds fun! What's the prize pool?

    The following prize pool will be adjusted according to the amount of participants.
    If more than 20 teams submit a run, you can still expect the top 50% of runs to win something.

    The prices are per person. If you compete with multiple teams, only your highest place will be rewarded :

    1st place                          7 Frost and 5 general Booster packs
    2nd place                         6 Frost and 3 general Booster packs
    3rd place                          5 Frost and 2 general Booster packs
    4th-8th place                   2 Frost and 2 general Booster packs
    9th-10th place                 1 Frost and 1 general Booster pack

    One more extra bounty... - CLAIMED
    There is one more extra bounty to claim!
    The first team, which sends me a replay in which they complete the objective R: Christmas Peace on any difficulty will get an additional reward of 3 general boosters.
    Note, that the replay, you submit for the extra bounty does not have to be counted for the actual run, you can still submit a different replay with a different time and score as your final submission.
    The extra bounty has already been claimed!
    You can no longer get the reward for being the first to pull it of, but you can still get the points for your run
    In conclusion

    This event focuses on your speed, teamwork and flexibility on these different PvE maps.

    To summarize the event in simple steps:
    Look for a team. You can either do this below this topic, on Discord or Ingame. Come up with a strategy for your run. Try to complete the objectives while being as fast as possible. Make sure your score is greater than zero. Calculate your score and determine your final time.
    Satisfied? Send the replay to me! (Metagross31#1103 on Discord) or PM your best replay to me (in the forum).
    When will we stream?

    We will announce the winners on stream.
    Date: 2nd of January, 6pm CET

    Future events
    If you are interested in helping with these kind of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out!
    Send me or @Minashigo Hiko a PM on the forum, or direct message via Discord (Metagross31#1103, Minashigo Hiko#1126).
    We are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!
    We hope you have a lot of fun with this event. We are looking forward to seeing all your replays!
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards,
    Skylords Reborn Team
  16. wanky liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Official PvE Contest#4 Winter is coming UNTIL 17.12.2021   
    Awesome event! I enjoyed reading the objective names a lot as well, very creative!
  17. wanky liked a post in a topic by Metagross31 in Official PvE Contest#4 Winter is coming UNTIL 17.12.2021   
    As Wanky already said, you can only play GoL on adv and exp anyways
    Looking forward to your run 🙂
    I wasn't entirely sure, if they can actually die, but if they can't, you are safe anyways 🙂
  18. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by wanky in Official PvE Contest#4 Winter is coming UNTIL 17.12.2021   
    First of all. I like this kind of event. Sound like Fun.
    small comment, however, regarding the rules:
    I am pretty sure that this is not possible in the normal way. (maybe a self-damaged function of a card could cause this with detours). Just for your information.
    GoL only have Adv and Expert. There is no Std mode sadly 😞
    Since I'm cleared for the events again, I'm sure I'll join in and have fun developing the tactics and playing this map. Is finally my favorite map (together with Ravens End)
    Anyway, thanks for this creative idea for this event. 
    ps: Since you can play with several teams, I'm happy to make myself available if a team is still looking for 1 capable player. In the tactics development, however, I will rather hold back, provided that our team takes part in it, thank you here for understanding.
  19. Majora liked a post in a topic by wanky in What is your favourite card and why?   
    lightblade ofc. Noone eles have this cool voicelines. 

    And Blight himself (non player card unit) just cause the voice actor is on german the same guy voice acting Kevin James 😄
  20. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by wanky in What is your favourite card and why?   
    lightblade ofc. Noone eles have this cool voicelines. 

    And Blight himself (non player card unit) just cause the voice actor is on german the same guy voice acting Kevin James 😄
  21. wanky liked a post in a topic by Pritstift in Official 4p rPvE Contest#1 The Bandit Hunt - Difficulty 9 - UNTIL 25.10.2021   
    Due to unfair treatment of one of our speedrunning team member which is connected to a ban for the 3 next official pve/pvp events I will not participate in this event. 
  22. RookieN liked a post in a topic by wanky in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    absolutely no problehm. I rly enjoy the map. would try to make another game today on Adv. do you have a wish for a deck to be used on which position? Think Pur frost you have slowly seen from me on the map 😄
    bzl. the cliff strat. Is indeed a mechanic that you can use. but think that can stay inside. However, you could make the whole thing a little more difficult by making vision block on the walls. Was just a spontaneous thought.
    Can also like times in the discord sit together to look at details and diffrend tactics to brainstorm how that would feel. Think by the few replays things can be "forgotten" or remain inside without attention that are completely broken.
    My Discord you have on my profile
  23. RookieN liked a post in a topic by wanky in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Played on Expert. 
    From the current difficulty I would definitely count it as expert. Defending is about the same difficulty as GoL with the detail that you have 3 walls to defend. 
    That you are now forced to make the camp in the upper left first to get to t4 makes the whole thing really tough. But doable. 
    Northern attack wave is closely timed and almost only with units to defend, because the time is too short to build up buildings. In addition, the units also seem to pull no aggro and run strait through on the gold wagon which has made the whole thing a bit tight. 
    In the meantime it was a bit tight in the defense, because you defend for a long time only with t2 but camp after camp cleart and thus stronger waves come. 
    In comparison, the last Endwave was rather "weak". Could imagine there 2-3 XL units more inside. Maby even a 2nd Dragon. 
    The whole thing was played with PUR Frost. Both positions. 
    To "simplify" the thing we used cliffing, but only time savings, the bases could have done so. It was played randomly without consultation, without voice. 
    Enclosed is the replay
    I will try to play Std and Adv aswell. Take a bit long to find party memebers. 😄
    Restorin Lyr 30min Pur Frost Expert.pmv
  24. RookieN liked a post in a topic by wanky in Restoring Lyr - Need play testing and feedback - UPDATE 2.2 Out!   
    Have played the whole thing again. 
    My part: Again the defense, this time with Pur frost. 
    Treim has played the map for the first time, have told him hardly noteworthy things about the map. 
    Played the map Casual, and First try with 14minutes 41 seconds finished. 
    The defensive part is relatively easy with Pur frost. 
    The attacking part in the north I quote from treim: "the attacking part was very easy. You can cliff extremely well with e.g. white hunters. It is relatively unclear where to go first. From t3 it is then much too easy. The attack in the north is very small, there should definitely be more. The energy level is massively too high due to the many wells. If both players have made the first camp is one already T3 that is almost absurdly fast, on expert I would see an abomination there. The other camps should be adjusted with units that you can tackle it with t3.
    Possible changes: 
    -More patrullia in the north, so you have to use the energy (like Insane God).
    -Adapt the camps to the corresponding orbs. (There can be much stronger units in the camp, take examples from Crusade, Nightmares maps Titans etc.)
    -Attack in the north take a few XL units with purely
    UPDATE: We played the map with feed speedrun 1 time, only with the knowlage of this 1 run u have the replay. We managed first try easy below 9 minutes. Got a little scripot error, cause we killd everythink in north first, after this the south base, the missin kill 3 spawncamps in north, was broken then. Anyways endwave got triggert even bevor one single atk wave appears
    This time with Replay
    Restoring Lyr Treim Wanky 14.41 FIRST TRY Treim Pur Frost defence.pmv
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