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  1. xxxShadyxxx

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hello, when do we have reset? Are we going to lose everything?
  2. xxxShadyxxx

    Analysis: The problems and implications of player progression

    Make everything free! You should not spend that much time playing and earning BS bfps and gold. Make free at least PVP deck, i personally do not care about PVE. I have been playing Bf at least 5 years, but like other busy people i do not have time to waste on BS ) Thats my opinion
  3. xxxShadyxxx

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hello 1) How can i create deck? 2) How can i go full screen on laptop?
  4. xxxShadyxxx

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    what? why?
  5. xxxShadyxxx

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    I cant play the game. It does not work on windows 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. xxxShadyxxx

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    can i play it on hd graphics 4600?????????
  7. Hi people ! We all have busy and free days. Some one has to study, others have to work, or both. When the game still had it's name Battleforge, i spent too much time, it was fun but had problems with my studies. Luckily, for me it ended well, but it could have been better. I want to know from you, how you manage study, working and gaming time in a way, that everything is going smoothly in each areas of life. What is a healthy/best way? How many hours a week you would play the game, how many hours per day? Thank you, i hope you get my point and have some great ideas!
  8. xxxShadyxxx

    What deck did you play?

    Hi, Pure Shadow You can watch me on YOUTUBE : UBIIICA
  9. xxxShadyxxx

    Who is around my age or older?

    mid 20s
  10. xxxShadyxxx

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

  11. xxxShadyxxx

    Best Players

  12. xxxShadyxxx

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    disappointing, but i will get it next time UBIIICA
  13. xxxShadyxxx

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    I had been playing by UBIIICA (aka Confidential aka Deathalloy) My close friend got in to the game many many years ago, soon after battleforge was released. They were on a normal level in PVE but terrible in PVP, still better than me. From the begining it was very difficult. 1. I did not know how to play 2. i did not have any money 3. obviusly i did not have token My friend would give me little bit amount of tokens and it took me more than 1 year to understand the game and building deck afterwards. Then i started purchasing game from Amazon.com, because from my country, where i live, it was not even available/possible to buy them from the actual bf game. Oh my god, it was so bad from the start, every single one of them laughing at me because i had nothing basically, not a experience not a deck. I did not give up, most of the time they playd pve, so when i got money i started building my pvp deck and sparring sparring sparring really hard. I started with pure fire which i think was easy to learn, then frost (i do not know why) and many many others. My friends, Barbarrien and BeeGeo were very dedicated players actually, and if you remeber they were top 10 top 20 in PVP rankings 2vs2 for a long time. But none of them had good 1vs1 experience. They were bully's because i had no clue so they were beating me all the time. Then, after a while, some of them did not play that much (LOST SHADE ERA, DEEP ONES) and game was dying, many people would leave. Some new players would come up. I became hardcore fan and player and reached in top 30 top 40 (Warchief). I have spend a lot time and a lot money!!!!!!!! I had all decks 120 lvl I was beating not only my friend but other players as well. You have seen my lot of replies!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on guys!!!! UBIIICA (Confidential) it's all over the youtube!!!! The name and reps. speak by themselves and bfcards.info UBI23 (YOU CAN SEE MY REPS AND DATES) That's proves my love and dedication I have been here for a long time from the begining DragonDave
  14. xxxShadyxxx

    First thing you wanna do

    I miss it like i miss my *****
  15. xxxShadyxxx

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    i dont remember

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