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  1. interesting discussion.

    I dont think that it is profitable to play nightguards instead of nox's vs frost t1.

    • Not enough HP (die very fast)
    • You would over extend all the time.
    • Motivate has more effect on nox spam because they are cheeper = more nox.
    • Nox Rush M Counter -> Ice Guardian, Dreadcharger -> Ma's

    Theory is 1 thing, practice another one.


    @Hirooo @RadicalX @Anonymos @DuellLord @tbpeti Have you already tried Nightguard instead of nox against frost t1?





  2. 1 minute ago, InsaneHawk said:

    This is the client we're giving, it won't change. You can't start the game since you don't have our launcher, once you'll have it, using this client, you'll be able to play.

    Ye but it will be possible to download the launcher without the full data package that we downloaded.

  3. 22 hours ago, InsaneHawk said:


    • You'll be able from now to pre-download the client, and we finally after a lot of discussion decided to give the client here on the forum ourselves. Want to pre-download it ? You can use Mediafire or MEGA to download it! (You cannot start the game right now, you'll have to wait for open beta, and the release of our launcher to make it work.)

    But finally we gonna download it again in the full package?

  4. On 14.1.2018 at 11:29 AM, Mirosius said:

    Great Idea! I am definitively going to watch the stream or videos. Dont really mind what you are playing (fire nature is always fun to watch) but i would enjoy some shadow nature aswell :). 

    Main Fire/Nature but if its possible i'll play other decks for sure

  5. Hello Skylords,

    I got many requests in the old time but my PC was not able to stream/capture the game.

    Now the time has changed and i hope, that we can get the same strong PvP community like before. :)


    Just wanna let you know that i created now a Twitch channel where i gonna stream mainly BattleForge 1v1 & 2v2 PvP and some PvE's at the beginning in the upcoming open beta

    Everyone who wishes a stream or is interested in PvP gameplays, tipps & support can leave a follow to get a notification when im live.



    Do you have any ideas or deck wishes what you want to see?

    Leave a comment and i'll pick it up :)


    Best regards,


    • Promo cards - Will be in booster packs, except for the event promos like Santa and Easter Egg which will be related to the seasonal event.

    Some conditions like lvl 10 to unlock promos in boostern or is it possible to get one instantly at lvl 1 with booster luck? Sounds like an imbalance.

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  6. On 8.12.2016 at 6:02 PM, SunWu II. said:

    I think HighTech did, @xHighTech correct me if i'm wrong, but i think he went for Virtuoso + Fathom Lord (wich is a nice XL counter in any T3). This or giantslayer + Brannoc were the most prominent fire/nature T3s. I don't remember anyone going for frost or shadow. Both versions lack an XL counter, Brannoc alone isn't reliable enough.


    i tryed every possible t3 option but later on i mostly played F/N/N and went #1 with it without T3 problems.

    Phantom Lord is a great card and a awesome allrounder. 

    So finally i played F/N/N with a big T1 and small T3(1-2 cards) in 1vs1 - F/N/F small t1 and bigger t2 & t3 in 2on2 for better pressure to force frost splash protection cards.


    Best regards,


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