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  1. Our agreement with EA does not allow us to monetize the game
  2. Please write in english or provide a translation in the future.
  3. Some good stuff in this thread. Just gonna add my two cents here: There's a lot of comparison going on with the new and old system, but the fact of the matter is, there was barely an "old system". It was purely supposed to be a placeholder, with accelerated progression and rewards as expressed in the booster in 30 mins that was just arbitrarily created without much thought. Alas, with how the project progress turned out, and bigger priorities, we had that up as a placeholder for way too long, that now it feels like a standard that you compare new things to. Secondly, you are comparin
  4. Hello Skylords We have BIG news. The HUGE update you've all been waiting for, is coming to the LIVE server this Sunday 9th August 2020. Currently all changes we've done in the past weeks were only available on the test server. We greatly appreciate all of your effort in regards to reporting bugs and other issues. Thanks to your help, we are able to give you all of the following new and improved features: - You no longer need to restart BattleForge if you enter the wrong password - Lots of other bug fixes - New Boosters - 12 player maps - 2v2 Ranked - A new system for earning BFP - A huge over
  5. Please use google translate and post in english אנא השתמש בתרגום של גוגל ופרסם באנגלית Point 6
  6. There are many systems of catch-up mechanics that are in place that mean you don't need to play everyday, and will still earn BFP at a decent amount. We however also have to take into account, that players who play everyday feels sufficiently rewarded for doing so, to keep server population and therefore player engagement high. Also, there exists no hardcap on BFP earnings in the new system. All those changes are now live in the test server. The issue right now is, we need to have a batch update with all these new features to the live server, or we risk the whole server breaking, if we forget
  7. Hello Skylords, Hope everyone is doing well. As promised, here is the test-server update planned for this week. We are really excited for this update as it contains many bug fixes, big features like 2vs2 and 12 player maps, and quality of life improvements. We would really appreciate it if you guys could test this update, because a lot changed and it would be very good to be reassured our changes are working as intended. The .zip in #dev-updates-test-server contains the files for this update as well as the new launcher. Just move all of the contents of this .zip file to your game directory (
  8. Thanks for participating in our bug fixing process and helping us improve the game.
  9. even a card that has free transform wasn't broken(OP)enough to warrant a fix? says alot about the transformation ability xD
  10. Hi, I'm from Russia, so I can make some spelling mistakes. When I start the game (I enter the login and password), I get an error, and a file called Launcher crashes. I really want to play this game
  11. Do you have an answer to his question? Or just insults?
  12. It's a Temporary New player quest that will be removed upon release. Also the description is currently bugged, this is a known visual issue which doesnt affect the quest payout itself, which is 150 minutes hence 1/150 for 3 boosters.
  13. nah most if not all retired devs are permanently retired.
  14. Hello, email verification services are working again, you need to sign in on forums and request another verification email. Sorry for any inconveniences caused, and looking forward to seein you in the forge skylords! ?
  15. Unfortunately he can’t do that :/ he’s retired
  16. Hello... we are aware of Email verification(activation) issues with creating new accounts. We are looking into this issue. In the mean time, we might deploy a temporary “fix” to allow unverified accounts to play, but this fix won’t happen yet. (We need to first look at the problem) As always any updates will be on here and forums
  17. You need to enter pw correct on first try. We fixed this problem on test server and will be pushed to live when everything is ready
  18. This system is only implemented on the test server so far :-3
  19. No. Stop being salty and accept the judgement that has been handed out to you. You’re just doing this out of spite, and clearly the term kiwi is in itself not even considered a derogatory term which a simple google search reveals, as well as her already even explaining her name(which she even didn’t need to by any means).
  20. This thread has gone on quite long enough imo, OP is clearly just distressed about having his name changed. Gonna lock this now.
  21. Is this a reality show?
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