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  1. It's not really energy efficient at all really.... Only having a "tempo lead" of 20 power due to having 100 power worth of units for 80 while having to bind 120 power?
  2. energy cost was 80 power to summon 100 power worth of units.
  3. @Chimerae This ability(Sunken Temple) can be activated more than twice (every 60s)
  4. smart decision to do it right this time *thumbs up* 1180
  5. Are you saying that this temple creates power in the form of free bound power that gets added to the void power? I would have thoughts creatures summoned from the temple would have no bound and therefore no void power...
  6. I saw this card used in a semi-pro PvP once. Can't really say much about it though. Power bound is really high, so you would need to protect it well, and have enough summons from the temple that makes it worth it.
  7. Make that 85% 10+75=85
  8. Knows because he is the source of that knowledge
  9. yes, it should do full damage to everything just like eruption, I will test when I get home and get back to you :P
  10. nope, there will be more people in Alpha coming in soon, and for beta even more people. Definitely more than 20 but they can't really give an exact figure right now
  11. I agree, tbh i didn't even know the ability of this card, had to look it up, 80 power for slaver, and a worse eruption, which you will most likely never be able to pull of in PVP. There are two scenarios in PVP where this will come into play. 1) Slaver dies first/early relative to rest of army, the slaver would have to be situated in the middle of the enemy army for maximum effect, this can be evaded with proper micromanagement(kiting), and then your slaver dies for free because its a melee unit, and you have a chance for eruption to hit something( very small chance) 2) Slaver dies late rela
  12. nope :/ and It will be a slow week this week, so if you check back around mid of next week maybe there will be some great progress and we can/will stream something
  13. the bane of decks without AA that can burst.
  14. Is not the first person to mention that in this thread.
  15. @Chimerae If it isnt the shadow worm, through fire you shall squirm With a mighty fire ball, I will make you crawl Back to the shadow hole, where also lies the troll Better make haste, before I make you into Paste.
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