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  1. I'm not sure if adding that as a strategic element is a good thing
  2. I thought you were for U0 or all charges allowed? Anyway, this is starter cards, so basic abilities are not affected by upgrades right? Any core ability of the card gets added on U1? If yes, we could consider it, for eg: Nightcrawler + Frenzy on U1 or RageClaws + Rage on U1, etc... Otherwise I would be down for U0
  3. U1 is controllable, You just wont upgrade the particular cards in your deck until the tournament is over. U1 can be pseudo-managed with U1 max upgrade and a max deck level(all cards U1). making one card U3 and some cards U0 to have the same deck level is not allowed. Then if discovered that a particular card is U3= Disqualification. If this tournament is held (almost directly) after start of Open Beta, it shouldnt be a problem.
  4. level caps will make people put more weight on upgrading certain cards to U3 first, probably not a good idea yes
  5. if it affects units, yes. Just click on the unit and check the level of the effect. Everyone checks their own units, and if the opponents team found out you have a card more than U1, the opposing team is disqualified, or the PVE replay is disqualified. Most spells in PvP will be easily checkable, but some arcane spells wont be: Enlightenement, Earthshaker(maybe)
  6. So what, forbid upgrades? That doesnt really work either :/
  7. Amazing!! A lot of us have dreams of BF since BFReborn, but that sounds unique! Your subconscious remembered the game but you didnt Glad you found us in the end
  8. Lagops came out of retirement! :kappa: Check out his latest Replaycast here:


    1. LagOps


      i didn't know i was in retirement :D

    2. Azta


      Kappa retirement.

    3. SilenceKiller99


      13:22 Bloodhorn OP

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  9. Aren't there like general objectives in each map? Like for some: Def and split attack, for others, Def only, for others, attack only?
  10. any idea if you can still get upgrade cards in PVE or only through gold?
  11. Help us pick out a name for Com YT channel!  http://bit.ly/1l7OuRZ

    1. ImaginaryNumb3r


      thank you <3

      Tortugun FTW ^^

  12. @Hirooo must have mistaken one of the other lost towers u tried for lost bane stone my bad
  13. I have personally never used this card, nor seen anyone having this in his PvP deck, except on @Hirooo 's Lost Souls PvP stream, he didnt use/play the card itself in any matches though. Perhaps he can share his thoughts on why he thought it would be/was a good addition to his PvP deck and his thought process behind that
  14. Hey there, First of all, great guide. I really like how it explains every card and for what situation it might be useful for, and the way the cards synergic exe with one another. There are just some small points that weren't quite right. You said ". Ability: Can teleport to any enemy unit. Once teleported, the unit teleported to is then rooted and immobile for 12 seconds, but ranged attacks and special abilities are still able to be used." Actually gifted catch teleports the enemy units to the Deep one, which is actually that much more useful since you can "trap" enemies in the middle of your
  15. 1182- The true count of posts in this thread ---I think some got lost in the transition from old to new forums.
  16. IGN: ultrakool Role: Pref ADC Region: EUW comments: unranked nooby tristana manhandler

  17. Today is a sad day :(

    Let us all take this moment and lament the anniversary of the massacre of the game we all love. And hope something comes to cheer us up.


    1. DarcReaver


      sad day in history. Let's hope a _real_ f2p system will revive it.

    2. Azta
    3. DarcReaver


      You simply met me in a very strange stage of my life...

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